Zolnier Road to the Championship: Week 13

by Cameron Irvine

With two weeks left in the regular season, we have your updated playoff clinchers, who can clinch this weekend and who is now officially out:

Who clinched playoff spots prior to Week 12:

Seattle (Pacific), Florida (East), Fort Worth, Alamo City

Who clinched playoff spots after Week 12:

Canton Classics

The Classics, along with their North Division Championship, have also now officially clinched, since they cannot finish with a worse-record than the 12th-best team. That also locks in the Central Division winner for an automatic bid to the postseason, whoever that may be.

Baltimore Vultures

The Vultures have clinched the Atlantic Division, with their eighth win. Baltimore has now clinched a playoff spot for the 11th consecutive season. In all those seasons, the team has won at least eight games.

Who can clinch in Week 13:

Arizona Scorpions

Arizona can clinch the West with a victory over Minnesota Saturday night or a Las Vegas loss to Indianapolis Saturday afternoon. If only Arizona and San Diego finish 7-5, Arizona would win the West thanks to its 35-30 win over the Mavericks in Week 1. If Arizona, San Diego and Las Vegas finish 7-5, Las Vegas would win the West, sweeping both Arizona and San Diego over the course of the season. San Diego has no path to winning the West, and will need to clinch a wild card spot when they're back in action in Week 14.

Indianapolis Ramblers

Thanks to Indy's win a couple of weeks ago over Tulsa, the Ramblers could clinch the Central this week with a win over Las Vegas Saturday afternoon, a Tulsa loss to Houston Saturday evening, a Minnesota loss to Arizona Saturday evening and a loss by Sioux Falls to Alamo City Friday night. It's a lot, but all could fall into place.

Fort Worth Toros

While unlikely, the Toros could clinch the South this week with a win over Los Angeles and an Alamo City loss at home to Sioux Falls (3-7).

The Denver Nightwings and Mexico City Aztecs both have eight losses and are the only teams who have been officially and mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.