Week 8 Rundown: The crazy stats you need to know

by Cameron Irvine

Is this stat for real? Are these teams really that good or really that bad? If you're not paying attention, these analytics may slip past you. Not if you read this rundown, especially this week:

  • Did you know that through six games, the Indianapolis Ramblers have six turnovers? Six. The SFL record will probably never be broken, set by the Louisville Wolfpack back in Season 5 - but they only played an eight-game regular season. But to put this in perspective, the Ramblers had the second most turnovers last season - 25, and that was the fewest the Ramblers have ever had in a campaign. Indy takes on Louisiana this week (Friday, 8 pm ET) who has forced 11 turnovers this season, good enough for 5th in the SFL. The turnover battle will be key in this one.
  • Did you know this will be Los Angeles' first game on the road against the V8s franchise since Season 11? The Lycans have hosted the St. Louis Gladiators/Motor City V8s five straight times since then, and won the last four. Back in Season 11, it was the Chicago Wildcats vs. the St. Louis Gladiators September 30, 2018 - Chicago won the game 17-14. Both these teams have a combined one win this season and are desperate to get some positive vibes in their locker rooms (Friday, 8:15 pm ET).
  • How much more balanced is SFL gameplay this season? Last season, the Minnesota Legend averaged 373 yards per game - that ranked 15th in the league. This season, Minnesota is averaging 374 yards per game - that ranks first in the SFL. The Legend averaged 27 points per game in Season 21 - 16th in the SFL. This season, the Legend are averaging 26 PPG - 10th in the league. Despite the numbers being nearly identical to last season, the Legend have already won more games then they did the entirety of last season and have triumphed in five straight. They'll host a rejuvenated Seattle squad Saturday at 6:30 pm ET.
  • Dating back to last season, six of Atlanta's last seven losses have been by 11 points or less. The other one? A 45-point loss to the Kings at the end of last season. The loss was so shocking, it set a Kings points and largest margin of victory record and the Swarm record for worst loss in franchise history. This despite the Swarm playing in 185 all-time games + the Kings' 227; it's the only meeting that's ever had a margin larger than 25 points. It's the 20th meeting between the Swarm and the Kings Saturday at 6:45 pm ET. Jacksonville leads Atlanta 10-9 all-time.
  • Is Jay Mart the next defensive MVP? Despite the Artillery being 2-4, Mart is one interception away from tying the SFL record for interceptions by a linebacker - 6 - set by Baltimore's Alvin Mack in Season 17. Mart is also 19th in total tackles, 2nd in tackles for loss and has two forced fumbles this season - also best in the SFL, also one off of tying the SFL record. His 16 tackles for loss are on pace to shatter the record of 25 set by EK Vinson when he played in Seattle in Season 11, which is coincidently the same Alamo City franchise Mart currently plays for. The Artillery's problem is getting wins on the board - four straight losses by five points or less. If the wins start flowing and Mart keeps ballin', expect this conversation to get more attention. Alamo City's next opportunity is at Queen City, this Saturday at 9:15 pm ET.
  • Baltimore and Arizona are still really good. Despite their 3-3 records through the first half of the season, both teams have a strength of defeat record of 15-3; that's the combined record of the team's they've lost too. Both have suffered defeats to unbeaten Florida and Canton. The Vultures overall have had the toughest schedule, playing no team up to this point with a losing record. When these two square off Sunday at 6:30 pm ET, they will both most certainly be deserving of a 4-3 mark and as equally tortured for dropping another and falling to 3-4. Baltimore's remaining schedule after this week is slightly tougher (17-15 compared to 16-16 for ARZ).
  • How often does this happen? When Portland visits Denver on Sunday at 9:00 pm ET, it'll be the fifth meeting. The road team has won all four previous meetings. There may not be another matchup like it in the league (Denver's won three of the first four). Add to it that Jacob Bouvette previously coached in Denver before starting the Portland franchise and you've got a game that means something to both organizations outside of just a win and a loss. It's just the Fleet's second trip to Richard L. Snowden Memorial Stadium in their eighth season as a franchise.
  • Mexico City has scored three points or less four times in 227 games as a franchise. Two previous occurrences to championship winners Alaska and Baltimore and the other two last season, twice, to division rival Fort Worth. There will be extra motivation for the Aztec offense Sunday night at 9:15 pm ET to prove that last season was just an aberration. The Aztecs have lost five straight to the Toros last beating their South foe on January 16, 2022 - over two years ago and are 0-3 all-time against Fort Worth at home. Mexico City's offense so far this season? 4th in points, 4th in passing, 7th in yards and first in passing touchdowns - the highest-ranked offense the team has had since Season 19.