Week 6 Rundown: Bitter rivalries and Cadillac Style

by Cameron Irvine

After last week, there's no way Week 6 can top it, right? That's why they play the games. Each week, the SFL will run through the biggest headlines of the week, touching on every result and every preview in the process. Let's go >>>>>>>>

  • Saturday night (9:15 pm ET) all eyes will be in Houma where the Louisiana Revolution will be tributing fallen teammate Leonard Butler Sr. on the one-year anniversary of his passing. Queen City gets the Revs on an emotional night, complete with stadium signage, all black uniforms and all the focus on a victory in the world. The Revs can get to 3-3 with a win despite a rocky start while the Corsairs are just trying to lick their wounds from a Motor City lashing last week.
  • Look at all the rivalries this week! Boats vs. Planes, Portland vs. San Diego Saturday, 6:30 pm ET; the war for Florida between the Storm and Kings Saturday, 6:45 pm ET; Vancouver heads to Los Angeles Saturday, 9:00 pm ET; Las Vegas tries again to conquer Sioux Falls Sunday, 6:45 pm ET. The main focus will be out East where the Storm (4-0) have shown they can beat you any way they want offensively and the Kings (2-2) are in need of focusing up after a surprising knockout defeat handed to them by Louisiana last week. Florida has had Jacksonville's number all-time (12-4, 8 straight wins for Storm) and Duval definitely wants to snap that trend. 
  • Of all the games on the schedule, Alamo City (4-0) at Seattle (3-1) is the best matchup on paper (Sunday, 9:00 pm ET). The Artillery are trying to prove they truly are the best team in the league right now after the defense wavered against Los Angeles Monday. The Nemesis are trying to prove they can play any defense and also need to get Ty Ptak and the passing game going again - they'll need more than Baloo Scott in this one to keep pace with ACA. Both teams will be debuting new uniforms too - the Artillery dressed in their 'Marble Trooper' away set and Seattle in their 'Purple Skyline' look.
  • While that game may be the sexiest on paper, Carolina (3-1) at D.C. (2-2) - Sunday, 6:30 pm ET - might be the most intriguing matchup of the weekend. The Skyhawks haven't lost since Week 1, while D.C. has a 3-point Week 1 loss and a 1-point loss last week to Baltimore, a team Carolina managed to beat already this season in Week 2. No matter how you slice it, two above average teams with possession-based offenses should be able to put together a competitive game.
  • If you were to ask me, I'd tell you I think Minnesota is playing the second-best football in the league right now. Three dominant, blowout wins at home and a 7-point loss to unbeaten Alamo City. The Legend are back at home again this week against Houston (2-2) coming off two close losses at home in division. Minnesota will either take care of business easily again, or we'll once again be treated to a strong performance - maybe even upset - from Houston that proves they're better than their record. The only shocker here would be Houston in a blowout, but we've all been wrong before.
  • Canton finally gets its primetime game. No Monday night appearances last season, the Classics are back at home and hosting Charleston in the Spectacular, 8:15 pm ET. Canton's gotten to chew on their last-minute loss to the Vultures for two weeks now and the Predators pass defense just got exposed. Can Canton figure out a way to open things up against the Preds or will Charleston manage to cut through a defense that hasn't allowed more than 24 points in a game this season? (Baltimore scored 30 in Week 4, but got 7 points on an INT-TD)

You're all caught up. We'll leave you with some running history that may surprise you:

  • Minnesota's Colin Hart is on pace to shatter Tallahassee's Jaye Eniola's single-season rushing record by about 400 yards. He is the only running back on pace through five weeks to beat that record that has stood since Season 11 - another season early on in a new progression system. Despite his lengthy carrier, he actually hasn't had a 1,000-yard season since Season 16. His career high of 1,785 yards came in Season 12. But according to 4K23, Hart is actually just the 14th most talented running back in the league. Vegas' Hubba Kimbrel, second in the league in yards per game, is just the 26th most talented running back in the league. Another example where props to opponents often fail to be given in favor of blame to mysterious forces.
  • The longest run by a running back this season has come from Arizona's DJ Moses II, 76 yards (23rd most talented according to 4K23). Arizona's Justin Williams leads all fullbacks in rushing touchdowns with 9, leading the revolution of dynamic split backfields in the SFL; digging through the archives, the SFL record for rushing TDs in a season by a fullback is Mexico City's Ray Bentley, who had 10 in Season 19. Arizona's Ashley Jackson is the only quarterback with a rushing TD this season. Queen City's AJ Caswell holds the record for QBs with 4 TDs back in Season 11.
  • Tulsa quarterback Jay Cue may need more designed runs called for him. He's got 29 yards on three totes this season, the best average amongst quarterbacks by nearly double.