Week 4 Rundown: Too many greats to count

by Cameron Irvine

This week has so many great matchups, it's hard to just single out a few. So this week, we'll be taking the most interesting stat, player or nugget we could find in each game and exploring it in depth.

Houston (3-0) at Fort Worth (1-2), Friday 8 pm ET

  • The Toros have to chill with the turnovers. The team has 10 this season, most in the league after only giving the ball away 13 times in last season's 12-0 regular season, tied for the fifth fewest. Maybe defenses have caught up to the Toros' offensive style or maybe the offense is just more desperate. Fort Worth has given up the most yards per pass attempt (10.2) while Houston is just second in that category averaging just 4.9 yards per pass allowed.


  • The Ramblers can't move the ball and can't stop others from doing so on third down. Indy has given up an average of nine 3rd down conversions per game and has the least amount of first downs on offense - an average of 12.7 per game. That means teams against the Ramblers are almost getting more first downs on 3rd down than Indy is getting on any down. Also, not great, the Ramblers are scheduled to play one team below .500 through Week 10. It's the Corsairs home opener, look out for a remodeled stadium.


  • Canton made its statement last week, crushing Baltimore 30-7. Vancouver, fresh off a bye, hopes to make their statement this week by getting revenge on Canton for the 40-0 drumming they shelled out to the Legion in the Wild Card round last season. Canton is giving up 141.3 yards per game this season - the league average is 325. They've averaged the best field position, time of possession and defense against the run and pass, per attempt. How can Vancouver win? Beat Canton at their own game. The Legion average 4.6 yards per carry on the ground this season, second most in the SFL.

tulsa (2-0) AT seattle (1-1), saturday 6:45 PM ET

  • The Nemesis has had to sit with their loss to Baltimore on Monday night for a while. Coming off the bye, they'll need to slow down Gabriel Manning and the rest of Tulsa's attack. Halfback Phoenix Jones leads the league in rush yards per game (114), Gabriel Manning leads the league in receiving yards per game (215.5) and Michael Brown's 64.7% completions is also best in the league. Neither team has a win over a team with a win this season, Tulsa has never beaten Seattle nor have they ever traveled there.

charleston (0-3) AT motor city (0-3), saturday 9 PM ET

  • OK so this game may not be the most intriguing game on the schedule, but it is two desperate teams that need to turn around their young seasons. So what can these teams ride to victory? Charleston's defense has created a bit of havoc for its opponents: 4th in tackles for loss (26), third in pass deflections (15). Motor City's King Jackson has 44 completions this season - somehow that's actually 10th best in the league so let's see what he can do pushing the ball down the field. Motor City averages 6.1 yards per attempt, 21st in the SFL.

denver (2-1) AT arizona (2-1), saturday 9:15 PM ET

  • Two West Division rivals, now Central Division rivals meet with both surprisingly above .500 with a golden opportunity to take control of the division lead. The last time these two teams met, DJ Moses went for 377 and eight touchdowns on the ground. Through this season's first three games, Arizona as a team has 359 rush yards total, so things have changed. But Denver's run defense hasn't changed - 18th in yards, 22nd in yards per carry. The defense is improved, giving up just 17.7 yards per game this season (7th). That's their best since their championship in Season 13.

florida (2-0) AT baltimore (1-2), sunday 6:30 PM ET

  • Dynasty meets dynasty and in many ways, these two teams will be staring back at their reflections in this Season 17 and 21 Championship rematch. Both teams have 28-point wins against playoff teams from last season, both teams have seven red zone touchdowns and neither team has been called for a penalty in Season 22. There is one difference: Baltimore gives up 150.3 yards per game on the ground. Florida gives up 30...yes, 30. Baltimore has scored 34 points off turnovers (1st). If Baltimore can capitalize off turnovers, they win. If Florida can establish the run, they win.

alamo city (2-1) AT carolina (0-3), sunday 6:45 PM ET

  • Alamo City was physically battered last week in their 10-7 loss to Houston. Carolina was mentally battered last week in their 24-17 loss to D.C. Who can shake off the loss faster to get a win this week? The Skyhawks have to sure up their pass defense quick - their last in the league giving up 10.5 yards per attempt per pass. On the flip side, the Artillery take the top off the defense better than anyone - 10.9 yards per attempt per pass. There's no way the Skyhawks walk away with the upset giving up a bunch of deep plays down the field.

minnesota (1-1) AT los angeles (0-3), sunday 9 PM ET

  • The 38 points Minnesota scored in LA during Season 20 is still the franchise record for single-game points on the road. Teams love to run on the Lycans, averaging a little over 39 rushes (league average is nine less) and for good reason - Los Angeles is 24th in yards per carry allowed (4.8). Good news for LA is that the Legend through two games is 24th in yards per carry (2.5) - so it's a wash unless either unit figures it out. Maybe the Lycans high-flying pass game will be the difference. Both Daricus Iniguez and Bubba Tree are top 20 in the league in yards per catch.


  • Who wouldn't want to watch this game? Atlanta is the new darling among the media pollsters after they dumped 49 on the Lycans and the only other time these two teams have ever played - Season 19 - they played one of the highest-scoring SFL games ever - a 49-46 win for San Diego. All eyes are on BDG Hollewood - Atlanta's managed to get him 65 carries (nearly 22 per game, 2nd in SFL) and the team averages 4.8 yards per game on the ground - best in the league. That's set up a balanced pass attack that has seen all nine pass-catchers catch a pass. 

louisiana (1-2) AT mexico city (1-1), monday 8:15 PM ET

  • Live cameras on the owners, a new South Division rivalry and two bruising defenses - yeah, this is how you end a week of SFL football. When comparing these teams, some surprising stats jump out. Bet you wouldn't have guessed quarterback Jordan Sipe and the Aztecs are 4th in yards per pass (8.9) and 2nd in completion percentage - free agent acquisitions Noe Terrazas and Doug Spelling have been a big part of that. Tommy Utah's thrown a touchdown pass on just 1.3% of his throws through three weeks, only better than Portland's Cyris Jive - 1.2%. The Revs have to get more production out of the pass, and limit Mexico City's surprising prolific start through the air.