Vultures hang on to cap Week 7

by Cameron Irvine

The Baltimore Vultures (3-3) went into San Diego (3-3) Monday night and came out with a narrow 17-14 victory in a surprising defensive slugfest. T-Roy Gaines' fourth quarter touchdown was the difference as San Diego ran out of time to rush its field goal unit out for the potential game-tier in the final seconds. With Baltimore's win, nine of the league's 25 teams sit at 3-3 halfway through the season. Baltimore's run game turned on the juice in the second half led by Warren Murray's 73 yards on 18 carries. San Diego quarterback Jonny Pichler turned in a 124.8 QBR in a rare loss for an interceptionless evening, throwing two touchdown passes in defeat.

Sunday, Charleston (2-4) upset Seattle (4-2), 21-10; D.C. (4-2) went into Jacksonville (2-4) and earned a 23-7 triumph; Florida (6-0) topped Arizona (3-3), 17-10;  Canton (6-0) pummeled Louisiana (2-4),  43-3; Indianapolis (3-3) held on to beat Denver (2-4), 17-14; and Minnesota (5-1) won its fifth-straight game, anchoring the Corsairs (3-3), 33-7.

News and notes from Sunday action:

  • Minnesota' Jonny Reno now leads the league in passing yards per game (273.8) after throwing for 312 against Queen City - his second 300-yard pass game in three weeks. 
  • Arizona's DD Sachs moved into a tie for the league-lead in sacks (7), getting to Florida quarterback Ron Cockren twice in the Scorpions loss. 
  • Queen City's Bob Wood garnered a 4k23 career high 135 yards on four receptions and had the Corsairs lone touchdown in St. Paul in an otherwise tough night for the offense. The same can be said for Florida receiver Art Vandelay, who turned in 98 yards on five receptions to lead the Storm receiving core in both categories.
  • Down 17-7, Denver faked a field goal that would have been successful if not for a drop in the end zone. Those three points, or lackthereof, ended up being the difference in Indy.
  • Charleston and Seattle's defenses filled the stat sheet, combining for nine sacks, four interceptions and a forced fumble. Season 21 Offensive Rookie of the Season Ty Ptak completed a career low 37.9% of passes in the loss.