Vultures Add Gaines to Ownership, Promote Yates IV

by Cameron Irvine

The Baltimore Vultures announced April 18 that T-Roy Gaines has been promoted to a third partner with existing team owners Tim Johnston and Thomas Paterniti. They also announced that Defensive Tackle SyrRon Yates IV has been elevated to Team President/General Manager.

Gaines has been with the team since Season 11, one of the most successful backfield players in league history, ranking 14th all-time in rushing yards. He is a 2023 Hall-of-Fame class finalist and 4-time champion with the Vultures.

Yates IV is 8th all-time in sacks and has also been with the Vultures his entire career winning four titles, which began in Season 14.

The Baltimore Vultures, three-time champions, are the league's No. 4 seed in the Season 20 Playoffs and will play their first postseason game in the Quarterfinal round April 29-30.