The Read Option: Season 22 Milestone Guide

by Josh Farnzy

Season 21 brought about the Great SFL Game Transition - and with it anticipation over how it would play compared to its predecessor.

Would the AI run the same?

What positions would play a more prominent role?

Would an Overall 100 rated punter finally lead his/her team to a title?

Some of the biggest questions, however, would be around stats. How would this new engine play out statistically? Would new trends emerge? 

As the season played out, gameplay settled into an entertaining package. And while some stats shifted (better running back stats and a more diverse stat sheet for defensive players), some of the same players continued their brilliance on the way to big milestones.

With Season 22 about to start, here are some possible milestones SFL players could reach this year - whether they are Overall 100 punters or not.


50,000 passing yards: Ron Cockren (49,630)

25,000 passing yards: Bryant Dynasty (24,471), Christian Brown (21,907)

The active passing yards leader is Ron Cockren, who is a couple games from slinging his way into the rare 50K club - something only done by two others all-time. Fresh off a championship, life is pretty good in Florida these days.

Meanwhile, expect Dynasty to reach 25K by early February and Brown could threaten the same mark with a strong season up north.

250 passing TDs: Ashley Jackson (237), Jack Wigmore (228), Jonny Pichler (221)

200 passing TDs: Shabazz Psynergy (190), Bryant Dynasty (178)

100 passing TDs: Tommy Utah (97), Colin Pierce (90), OJ Bruin (82)

Jackson, Wigmore and Pichler have three different playing styles, but all are on the verge of accomplishing the same feat in Season 22.

Psynergy remains one of the more efficient QBs in the league, while Dynasty’s new weapons will look to push him to 200 TD tosses. Utah, Pierce and Bruin still feel like young players. (And they are, still, kind of.) Welcome to your first big milestone, fellas.


15,000 rushing yards: Warren Murray (14,724), Ray Bentley (13,154)

10,000 rushing yards: Ezekiel Love (9,840), Charlie Biletsky (8,460), Phoenix Jones (8,274) 

The game shift seemed to invigorate the running back community in Season 21. With many teams now opting for multiple running options from the RB and FB positions, reaching milestones will, in part, be determined by how many times these talents get the ball.

Bentley and Murray feel like they are primed to get increased rolls this season, and should each threaten 15K. Love is a heartbeat away. The Bullet and Phoenix should cross their 10K threshold around the Ides of March.

150 rushing TDs: DJ Moses II (129), Warren Murray (129)

100 rushing TDs: Phoenix Jones (96), Ezekiel Love (94), Logan Jack (92), Kevin Seay (77)

DJ is explosive. Warren is elusive. Both at 129 and crossing the end zone line 21 times feels right in Season 22.

Jones, Love and Jack are looking solid for 100. Seay needs 23 - no small feat, but he has MVP makeup to try and test that mark.


1,000 receptions: Gabriel Manning (995), Boo Chisholm (989), Chris Curtis (979), Tybeerious Bovine (959), Robert Redford (917), Stephen Hacker (892), Logan Jack (891)

New HOFer Manning is just a few out routes from 1K catches - another shiny star on his credentials.

Chisholm and Curtis have three major milestones in sight (more on the others later). Bovine and Hacker can get there with the right amount of targets. Redford and Jack will need to grab some screens to get there as well.

15,000 receiving yards: Boo Chisholm (14,528), Chris Curtis (13,451)

10,000 receiving yards: Logan Keel (9,920), Ivory Ervin (9,875), Harish Prasad (9,391), John Blades (9,351), James Hands (9,205), Greg Corky (9,173), Mac Chimah (8,437), Vin Calia (8,205)

They continue to show consistency in their play and should get to 15K yards by the end of March.

Of the hopeful-for-10K group, Chimah and Calia are longshots, but their talent demands I list them. Demands it, I say! Lots of future HOFers on this list look to spiffy up their all-time resume this season.

150 receiving TDs: D.R. Sim (148)

100 receiving TDs: Boo Chisholm (98), Stephen Hacker (93), Ivory Ervin (86), Chris Curtis (85)

50 receiving TDs: James Matthew Jr. (47), Mike St. Green (47), EJ Mincin (46), Fox Highwind (45), BDG Hollewood (43), BE Robo (41), Connor Weston (40), Greg Soto (40)

D.R. Sim looks to finally break down the 150-TD reception door this season, as he continues to be the pioneer for new statistical frontiers as a wideout.

Is it possible Boo is held to one touchdown for a second year in a row? Don’t count on it. Expect Mr. Hacker to join him in the triple-tuddy club. Ivory Ervin, one of the smoothest WRs out there could reach the milestone with 14 - a tall task especially with plenty of Vulture talent to throw to, so TBD. Chris Curtis will need to have a virtuoso performance in his new Carolina home to get there, but it is very possible.

As for those near 50, a balanced offensive attack could easily net most of these stars that mark.


1,500 total tackles: Tank Bennett (1,415), Jack Brown (1,400), Max Jackson (1,394)

1,000 total tackles: Brady Clarke (980), Blake B. Craize (967), Merrick Itera (956), Kappa Jones (943), Josh Vasquez (940), Evan Carroll (931), Albert Begin (889)

That faint sound you just heard were offensive coordinators shuddering after reading this list of names.

The trio of Bennett, Brown and Jackson may just be the three best pure tacklers in SFL history. They need to do some work to reach 1,500 tackles, but expect all three to be making the leap this season.

A small army of safeties and a sledgehammer of a linebacker top the list of those on 1K tackle alert. It will take a little brain adjustment to not see Itera and Jackson in the familiar Vegas threads, but once they start crunching running backs, all will be normal with the world.

150 sacks: Hunter Norwood (145.5)

100 sacks: SyrRon Yates (87.5)

50 sacks: Nate Brown (49.5), Joseph Sebolka (47.5), Alessandro Tomaello (47), Max Knight (44.5), Alex Constantine (44), Tina Begin (43.5), Achilles Papatonis (42.5), Gary Marx (41), Derek Genco (39.5)

I mentioned last season that sacks are one of the stats that most stood out to me as interesting with the new platform. The number seemed to dip a bit in Season 21, but were more spread out amongst non linemen, who dominated the stat for the first 20 SFL seasons.

Regardless, Norwood remains a dangerous threat and is closing fast on becoming the second to reach 150 sacks. Considering the sack leader last season was in single digits, Yates will have an uphill climb to 100.

A nine-pack of defensive line stars need to just terrorize a handful more QBs to get to 50.

250 tackles for loss: Hunter Norwood (246)

200 tackles for loss: Taqwuan Hale (198)

100 tackles for loss: Slinn Shady (99), Berto DeMoura (99), Alex Constantine (98), Blake B. Craize (97), Denzel Maverick (95), Joseph Sebolka (94), Jaedyn Swift (93), Alessandro Tomaello (89), Dexter Jackson (88), Nate Brown (85), Max Knight (83)

Defense was at a premium in Season 21, making the tackle for loss stat even more valuable in the 4K23 era. This is where I annually argue that it is a more important stat than total sacks. So, there.

Norwood is second all-time in the TFL category and would simply increase his HOF resume even more with reaching 250 tackles for loss.

All Hale, Taqwuan and his coronation to come on reaching 200 TFLs. Seems like her may get that on the first opponent possession of the season.

With the exception of Brown and Knight, who need monster years to reach triple digits, the others are just a couple of plays away from doing so.

150 pass deflections: Evan Carroll (142), Kanye Rockafella (140) 

100 pass deflections: Anthony Wyo (99), Iverson Gamble (98), Ryan Tobin (97), Terrell Davis (97), Aquantis Shyne (96), Andrew Francis (95), Jeffrey Daggs (95), Nicholas Warner (94), Evan Arthur (92), Brady Clarke (91), Mel Davis (91), Kappa Jones (90), Rodney Panani (90), EK Vinson (89), Chuck Diesel (87), Josh Vasquez (87)

Perhaps the most underrated stat. Behold, the pass deflection.

Carroll and Rockafella are closing fast on joining Eddie Gauge as the only players to ever successfully swat away 150 passes. If it happens, it will likely occur close to playoff time.

The 100-PD club is about to see a rush of new members, as a cool 16 players are within striking distance.

100 INTs: Max Jackson (96)

50 INTs: Evan Arthur (49), Iverson Gamble (49), Nicholas Warner (48), Moose Papineau (48), Albert Begin (48), Andrew Francis (47), Greg Gaines (47), Drew Hamilton (45), Bob Funk (45), Brandon Ewing (42), Jack Russell (42), Aydin Davis (41), Ben Stackinpaper (41)

While the number of interceptions across the league did not dwindle as much as expected. However, the percentage of picks by DBs was lower, as more and more linebackers were able to tally INTs. That said, plenty of corners and safeties continued to add to their impressive career totals.

Max Jackson had three INTs last season, inching him closer to becoming the second player in SFL history with 100. Though he changed teams this season, don’t expect a change in the way he helps his defensive unit dominate.

There is a logjam of talent waiting to get into the 50-INT VIP room. Quarterbacks, throw at someone else.

Special teams

350 FGs made: Shark Tarkington (319)

200 FGs made: Brad Brechett (183), Otis Boudreaux (179), Rob Emms (169)

150 FGs made: Mat Fenech (148), Cliff Allen (147), JT Dulaney (133)

100 FGs made: Sunny Jay (91), Emilia Rose (88)

Plenty of kickers reached an assortment of career field goal milestones in Season 21. That means a mostly new batch of hopeful milestone makers for Season 22.

Tarkington and Emms sit 31 made field goals shy of their next impressive mark, which is a toss up whether they get there. They have the legs, but it all comes down to whether their teams can get them in position enough.

Expect Brechett and Boudreaux to reach 200 by St. Patrick’s Day. Fenech and Allen may reach 150 this very weekend. Dulaney, Jay and Rose all have ice in their veins and should clear this next hurdle before the playoffs start.