The Read Option: Season 21 Milestone Guide

by Josh Farnzy

As the 4K23 era begins in the SFL, there is great optimism. From the early screenshot teasers to the preseason dress rehearsals, the new product looks sharp.

But if you are a stats person, intrigue is high.

How will games truly change from a numbers standpoint? The preseason games suggested a little more heavy lean on the running game. Are rushing stats about to take off? Will the juicy number of INTs decline and by how many? Just how well will the kickers perform compared to the APF era?

Will a linebacker actually catch an interception this season prior to dropping the first 50 that hit his/her hands? (Quick note: I joke about LBs because I am one. We can take a joke AND run you over, so be prepared to be impressed AND im-pressed-down-on-the-grass, SFL.)

These questions and more add to the mystery of Season 21. 


50,000 passing yards: Ron Cockren (47,290)

25,000 passing yards: Jack Wigmore (24,961), Matt South (24,053), Ace Fenech (23,319), Bryant Dynasty (21,468)

Only 2,710 yards separate Cockren from this 50K milestone that only two other quarterbacks in SFL history have reached. Late in the season, he should get there. 

Wigmore, South and Fenech should eclipse the 25K mark in the first half of the year, while Dynasty will need a strong year, but is within shouting distance as well.

250 passing TDs: Marcus Dunhill (231)

200 passing TDs: Johnny Pichler (198), Shabazz Psynergy (174)

100 passing TDs: Eric Price (96), Jay Cue (89), Dave Burr (88), Tommy Utah (80)

Even with a two-season hiatus, Marcus Dunhill has climbed the all-time ranks quickly. Nineteen - the number he needs for 250 - is his all-time season low for TD tosses, so expect this milestone to be reached.

Pichler probably reaches 200 in Week 1, while Psynergy may need a playoff game or two to reach the same (I am sure Dragons fans would be fine with that). Price, Cue, Burr and Utah all instantly make me feel older than I should thinking they have already arrived at a solid milestone. They were just minor leaguers a minute ago, right?


15,000 rushing yards: Warren Murray (13,614)

10,000 rushing yards: Troy Gaines (9,597), Logan Jack (9,584), D.J. Moses II (9,448)

Warren Murray’s career has been epic. With the change to the new game, how will Baltimore utilize this weapon? Part of that answer will help determine whether he reaches that 15K plateau or not, because 1,386 yards on the ground is no small feat for any back.

Gaines and Jack were longshots on this 10K watch list last year, but after another year in the backfield, they are closer than ever. Gaines may still take a bit of time as that Murray guy is still the feature back. Jack should celebrate his milestone by mid-October.

150 rushing TDs: Robert Redford (146), Colin Hart (132)

100 rushing TDs: Phoenix Jones (94), Troy Gaines (91)

The Natural is a few TB dances away from the second SFL-er to reach 150 - and only trails Hollewood by seven touchdowns all-time. Scoring 18 rushing TDs is a tall order, but since it is Colin Hart, I give him a puncher’s chance.

Jones may have 100 total rushing scores by Labor Day. See my comment above as to why Gaines may need to sweat out doing the same.


1,300 receptions: D.R. Sim (1,241)

1,000 receptions: Tybeerious Bovine (939), Boo Chisholm (934), Chris Curtis (920), Gabriel Manning (915), Robert Redford (908)

Same game, new game, doesn’t matter. Sim is laps ahead of everyone in receptions.

There is a serious wave of talent coming to wash over the 1K reception threshold. While none of these players are going to get it right away, all of them have had careers that should make you think all are good possibilities.

15,000 receiving yards: Brett Killian (14,708), Boo Chisholm (13,768)

10,000 receiving yards: Steven Bush (9,955), Logan Keel (8,992), John Blades (8,941), Harish Prasad (8,924), Greg Corky (8,913)

BK12 is a couple of go patterns away from getting his soon-to-be-HOF career to the 15K plateau, while Chisholm will need an all-pro-level season to reach it as well.

Bush may get his 10K in the first couple of drives of the season, while Keel, Blades, Prasad and Corky all have work to do; namely a touch more than 1K to arrive at that same destination. Blades at TE will also be interesting to see how many yards the former WR gets in his second year at the new position.

150 receiving TDs: D.R. Sim (140)

100 receiving TDs: Boo Chisholm (97), Deezer Powell (97), Stephen Hacker (85)

50 receiving TDs: Fox Highwind (43), Mike St. Green (43), James Matthew Jr. (41), BDG Hollewood (41)

Sim, Chisholm and Powell are likely to get to their lofty respective goals by Season 21’s end. Hacker getting 15 will be tough, given the other quality targets on his team also likely getting lots of good scoring looks.

Highwind, MSG, Matthew and Hollewood are all in that 7-9 TD sweet spot that could go either way, based on how defenses defend them, how often the playbook leans in their favor, etc.


1,500 total tackles: A.J. Levye (1,477)

1,000 total tackles: Day Drewery (999), Nicholas Warner (962), Blake B. Craize (932), Merrick Itera (917), Brady Clarke (900), Evan Carroll (899)

Levye was on my list last year as a long shot given the number he needed. You can go ahead and pop that champagne bottle this year, however, on him reaching 1,500 tackles.

Drewery, I believe in you. Get that 1 tackle. #sflmilestonelockoftheyear. Warner and Craize are nightmares all over the field. Itera as part of the Las Vegas high-roller secondary (only two CBs getting $2M+ this season are in Vegas) is looking like a good wager. Clarke and Carroll need 100 and 101 tackle campaigns, respectively. I say they both get there on Week 14 in the fourth quarter. (Trying to add some stats drama, Cam.)

150 sacks: Hunter Norwood (140)

100 sacks: SyrRon Yates (85.5)

50 sacks: Jaedyn Swift (48), Joseph Sebolka (47.5), Vernard Patterson (47), Alessandro Tomaello (44), Joey Schwindt (44), Alex Constantine (43), James Kelly (41), Gary Marx (40), Tina Begin (39.5), Max Knight (39.5), Derek Genco (38)

Sacks are one of those stats I am most curious about how they play out on the new platform. Norwood would become the second to ever reach 150 with 10 more. Rare air.

Yates will need to evade defensive schemes that target him to reach 100, but absolutely feels possible with a deep playoff run (you know, if a team like Baltimore is capable of one of those).

The other 11 vying for 50 sacks? Hot take: all 11 get there.

200 tackles for loss: Taqwuan Hale (194)

100 tackles for loss: Slinn Shady (99), Jose Fuentes (95), Dan Tritz (95), Shravan Prasad (94), Alex Constantine (94), Berto DeMoura (93), Denzel Maverick (93), Blake B. Craize (91), Joseph Sebolka (91), Jaedyn Swift (89), Joe Duncan (89)

Hale’s consistent A-level D-line play should not be overlooked. One of the greatest defensive terrors of this generation in the SFL. He should make 200 tackles for loss by Labor Day.

These other 11 players on the doorstep to 100 TFL have such eclectic styles, but all tend to make the offensive backfield their personal office. Cheers to them - and this stat - which I will annually remind everyone that I feel is even more important than sacks to evaluate overall talent. (I am now getting down from my soap box.)

150 pass deflections: Kanye Rockafella (137), Evan Carroll (135) 

100 pass deflections: John Barnhart (98), Marquis Reid (97), Jack Brown (97), Everett Garrison (97), Jay Ringgold (95), Aquantis Shyne (94), Ryan Tobin (94), Andrew Francis (93), Iverson Gamble (92), Marc Lopez (92), Anthony Wyo (91)

This is another stat I am curious to see how it carries over from platform to platform. If stats are alike, expect Rockafella and Carroll to get their 150-PD trophies, something only the great Eddie Gauge has hanging on his mantle.

For those vying for 100 pass deflections, a number of teammates in the mix are looking to see who gets to triple digits first. For the linebackers in the mix, I do wonder, how many of those defections will turn into INTs instead on the new platform? An LB can dream, I guess.

100 INTs: Max Jackson (93)

50 INTs: Everett Garrison (49), Ryan Tobin (49), Johnny Bravo (49), Ryan Yoseph (49), Evan Arthur (47), Iverson Gamble (46), Nicholas Warner (46), Andrew Francis (45), Greg Gaines (45), Moose Papineau (45), Albert Begin (45), Drew Hamilton (42)

Max Jackson has had legitimate cases to be SFL Defensive MVP three times in the past five years. One season, I argue he was the overall league MVP. Another seven picks, and this legend becomes the second to ever reach 100 career INTs.

There is a logjam of players at 49 and waiting for their half-a-hundred INT. Social media managers, get those Week 1 “Congrats on 50 picks” posts ready now.

Special teams

300 FGs made: Shark Tarkington (293)

200 FGs made: Ethan Sneed (188)

150 FGs made: Rob Emms (145), Sammy Steele (140)

100 FGs made: Chance Touwin (84), Paw T. Pawtai (84), Zashtl Black (81)

Lots of different milestone amounts are probable for Season 21 on the kicking side of things. With Tarkington nearing 300 field goals, no one is jumping this Shark soon. 

Sneed figures to be the third all-time at 200+ FGs. Emms and Steele look ready for 150. Touwin, Pawtai and Black all figure to reach 100 by Halloween. Nothing scarier to an opposing football team like one of these kickers staring down a winning boot with three seconds to play.