by Jason Miller

What is good, my SFL friends? It's your favorite SFL Reporter Jason Miller here. I am awake from hibernation and that means the Simulation Football League is in the offseason. And I have a feeling that this one is going to be one to remember for the ages. With the switch to the new game, FA and re-signings were insane! The SFL officially switched over to a money system instead of points. So let's dive into what I think really stood out


This isn't just a great song by Mr. Mister (please god tell me someone knows who that is). Looking at the signings I have noticed one thing. NO SPARROWS HAVE BEEN SIGNED. What in the world is going on in Sioux Falls? This team normally is the last one to sign players but this feels different. This feels like the beginning of the end. There are a few things that stand out about this. 

1. No one has re-signed. They have only lost a few players technically so far. But the question is that how many of the "faithful" have missed out on chances to go to a team that would value them over staying around a nest that is falling apart

2. Now that FA is in the end stage, 98% of the free agents are gone. So you will have to go into the draft.

3. Speaking of the draft. They are probably going to need more then 4 players so they are needing to make deals. And a lot of teams are probably not going to trade their picks this late in the game. 

Those reasons right there alone among probably others I assume is why SXF is a bird that cant fly. 


I have watched the shows and seen a lot of coverage on who "won and lost the offseason". But one team that hasn't been mentioned much is Alamo City. Yes they PAID Brad Jones (3.27MIL) but what they did with the rest has to be pointed out. They bring in Kendra Wells. Now if this was Vancouver Kendra I would say this was an excellent signing, but this is Canton Kendra. That Kendra was pretty much a non factor in Canton last season, but in her defense so was the rest of that offense. But getting her at 872K is a steal if she can go back to being the Vancouver Kendra. Ron Hoff was a sneaky pickup and so was moving William Davidson from DL to OL at Guard. All in all I think ACA did a nice job with how they allocated their money which hopefully will translate onto the field where we all know HC Greg Soto will be able to put together a winning product.


The weather forecast down in Florida seems just like a cloudy day but with no chance of rain. The storm that is rolling in seems "meh"... Now I will say this, I think they will probably be ok. But they did finish 5-7 this past season. With them losing LB Stephen Black and replacing him with Leon Thunderman, there wasn't much of a shake up to the roster. My question is this. Is it time for Florida to blow it up? Is it time for a reboot? That will be a question that this season should tell us. Because that East Division is improving with ATL going 11-1 last season, LOU improving with a lot of draft capital that will get them some good players and Jacksonville going hog wild in FA, I could see Florida being left behind in last place in that division.


The Houston Headhunters came into the offseason looking to improve on their team that just missed the playoffs at 6-6. They had some very interesting pieces but now those pieces are gone. Cory Mennor goes back to Charleston and takes JW Hartshorn with him and Butch Mennor and Taylor Mennor take their talents to the Hoosier state. Looking at those departures you would think one would say to themselves "Well we need a CB for sure in FA". Well not my guys Demond Simien, Mike St Green and new GM Tom Tanner. What do they do first? SIGNED A 4TH WR! After that you go and sign HOF TE Tybeerious Bovine who has been playing FB for the past few seasons and convert him back to TE. I am trying to get inside of the mind of new GM Tom Tanner but I just dont understand why these moves. You had a TE already in Dan Curtis and you have 3 WR so was those positions that necessary in Free Agency. The answer is quite simple. NO. That is 1.3mil in cap that could have signed a nice CB. Like maybe keeping Cory Mennor on the roster for example. Or Ron Hoff (1.34mil) Nano Matthews (686K) Or keep the guy that I was considering a building block for the future in JW Hartshorn (427k)!!!! I mean seriously only 427K?? I know sources have told me they received contract offers from Houston that were "No where near proper value" but in this situation you cant be Billy Beane and play Moneyball with your franchise. They have 20 players under contract and they have 7.05 mil left of CAP. So was that the plan all along? Cause if it was I think they need to re-evaluate that situation. They may do some restructuring once that time comes but for a team looking to get back into the playoffs, I am not liking the direction its heading. The Hunters have definitely become the Hunted in that South Division.


Now this team is an interesting one. The Las Vegas Fury was a team that was in the playoffs last season. And they are taking an odd approach to this upcoming season with the way they are spending. They went and got new CB Anthony Wyo (2.6MIL) which is a HUGE contract for a CB. But its Wyo so I would not expect anything less. Mike Jones and Frank Stackhouse  at a combine 2.2 mil and Eric Price is just shy of 1.9 mil. Now I will say that they currently have 16 players on the roster. But they have spent 22.6 MILLION DOLLARS. That means for 7 players they have 2,384,095.19 exactly to spend on them. Which comes out to be about 340K per player. In looking at their roster they need DT, LB, and K. They currently have 4 draft picks so unless other players have not signed yet they are going to need to wheel and deal in order to get the pick they need. But the more they sign in FA the more that number goes down on how much you pay each rookie. Hope this plan works for them. If not then changes could be coming for Vegas in the front office.


I tried to come up with something catchy for this part but could not think of one. Just like I cant come up with any explanation of why Scott Johnson was signed at WR. Lets just go over the negatives of this

1. His hands are 55!! 55!! Yes you are reading that correctly. The number 1 thing a WR has to do is CATCH THE BALL! and he has 55 Hands?? 

2. They also need to run routes. His rating is a 49! 

So not only can he not catch worth a darn but also can run his routes worth a darn neither. I just think its really interesting to see them make this move. Bad thing is that for right now he could be their #3WR!! Im not on the Fleet payroll but if I was here is my thought

You have Ezekiel Love. One of the best backs in all the league. You also have Jacob Farmer who is an up and coming FB. You have 3 OL. Why not just embrace the Power Run offense and have a dual headed monster in Love and Johnson at HB? It would make so much sense. The WR core is weak as a newborn baby. I dont like putting it that way but compared to the rest of the league its at the bottom for sure. 

But maybe that is why I am not on any payroll as a GM. Ill just stick to writing

So there you have it folks. The Miller Report is back and ready to rock and roll for the upcoming season. Look for the Miller Mock coming by the end of the month or the latest July 4th. Also the Miller Manifesto is coming soon as well. Last edition had over 9500 words and the goal is 10K. Peace out SFL until next time!