The Friday Five Week 4 Edition

by Jason Miller


Welcome back SFL fans to the Week 4 edition of The Friday Five. Jason Miller here and I am here to breakdown the five things that I am looking forward to this weekend in the SFL. Let's not waste time and get right down to it.


The first game of the weekend and we get a battle in the South once again. Houston undefeated heading to the StockYards to take on the Toros who just got branded by the Storm on Monday Night. It's a short turnaround for the Toros and that is what makes this game interesting. QB Marcus Dunhill had 3INTs and Bacon was contained to only 31 yards rushing. The Toros I believe will have to rely on Dunhill to have a cleaner game than last week. This Houston defense is legit. They are 5th against the run and 3rd against the pass. ON the other side, Houston is going to have a little bit of a challenge when it comes to the run game. Houston is 6th in SFL in rushing with 147 yards per game and FTW is 10th against the run giving up 96 yards per game. For me, the matchup is going to be Dunhill vs the Houston secondary. Dunhill is 1st in the SFL with 1050 yards but also 1st one to get to 10INTs this season. Houston is 3rd against the pass and can create turnovers. Can Dunhill keep clean? Or will Houston go 4-0 thanks to their defense?


The last time we saw this matchup was last season and Canton ended Vancouver's playoff run by beating them 40-0. That was a result that a ton of people did not see coming. If you don't think Vancouver has this matchup circled on their calendars, then you are crazy. Vancouver has been waiting for this for a LONG TIME. I think we all already know what the matchup to look for in this game. Vancouver offense vs Canton defense. Can Vancouver figure out how to stop this defense that through 3 games is giving up an average of 4.3 POINTS PER GAME!!! That's a crazy stat to think about even if it is through 3 games. It's not like Canton has played Portland and MCV (no offense). They have played 2 real good teams and Indianapolis. But also, if you want to bring up the Vancouver defense you can as they have only given up 11.5 points per game which is 3rd in the SFL. This game will be a defensive battle. Which defense holds up? We will find out Saturday evening.


Last season we got this matchup twice. The first game of the season and the last game of the season with Florida winning twice and one of those happened to be the Championship Game. When was the last time we saw these two play against each other prior to Season 21? Season 17 where Baltimore won 28-23 IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP. Now you can see the reason why I picked this game. It's a championship rematch and it's always a good game to watch. This game is interesting as Baltimore is coming in 1-2 and kind of looking “normal” compared to what they normally put up. Baltimore offense is middle of the road so far and that is what they need to get going in order to win this game. They are 17th in passing and 15th in rushing in SFL. They will be going up against the Storm that is the #1 run defense in the SFL giving up 30 yards per game. Now the way to beat Florida is through the air, and that is where my focus would be if I was Baltimore. Can they get Wiggy Dimes going? Can Ivory Ervin and Mac Chimah step up and help their QB? Hopefully they can. If not, then Florida sends Baltimore to 1-3 which has not happened before.


This is a matchup that has only happened one time and San Diego won a high scoring battle 49-46 back in Season 19. Atlanta does come into this game being the 5th ranked scoring offense in the SFL with 28.7pts per game. And that has been starting with the rushing attack of BDG Hollewood and Jason Williams. BDG is looking like he has finally found his stride since being an all-star in Season 20 and Williams has looked great in his situations as well. This matchup favors ATL well since SD is coming in as the 21st ranked run defense allowing 144 yards per game. The league average is 107.8 which shows that HC Mike O'neal needs to be in the lab figuring things out. With the talent that front 7 has, there is no reason for them to be giving up that many yards on the ground. If SD can figure out the run defense, they have a legit shot of winning this game. 


The Monday Night Spectacular that will have a unique twist. The dynamic duo of Mike Daggs and Gerald Smith always kick the week off with their show to kick off the week of games and they will end it on Monday night as the cameras will be on both of them for this game. I love the idea that these two get together each week and break down the upcoming matchups and now we get to see them in their element as they have to be enemies on the field. But let's go to the field here.  Mexico City is 3-1 lifetime against Louisiana having won the past 2 games. Their last win against MXC was in Season 14 when they were the New Orleans Pharaohs. Mexico City had that amazing offseason of adding players from the folded Las Vegas Fury including HOF SS Max Jackson. That duo of him and other HOF Jeffery Daggs makes this matchup a nightmare for Louisiana. The Revs HAVE to get the run game working and keep their RBs healthy. If that doesn't happen, then they fall right into the MXC trap of relying on QB Tommy Utah. And let's face it guys, the talent around Utah in the WR core isn't that great. Twinscrew is a great WR but he is just one man. Louisiana is 22nd in SFL in passing averaging 156 yards per game while the league is averaging 216.4 yards per game. If Louisiana gets the run game going with that 7 million dollar backfield, then I see the Revs taking this. If not, then the confetti will fall for Mike Daggs and MXC.

Alright SFL. It was suggested to me that I should do a short pickems part on the Friday Five so let's get to it

Game 1 - HOU VS FTW

Week 4 kicks off with a battle in the South. Houston has looked really good but they are on the road. As I said earlier if Dunhill can keep clean then they have a shot. I don't see that happening so give me HOU


I agree with what the ATS peeps were saying on their show that I also have no clue what Indy is doing. They seem all over the place and QCC has looked good so far. This one is a toss up in a way but ill give the edge to QCC since its at their new home. 


This should be a great game. I think the Canton streak stops here as VAN had this game circled and that Canadian crowd is going to be fueled by Molson and revenge. I'm going with Vancouver on this one


This one to me is kind of a toss up. Seattle can look good and if anyone can figure out how to stop Manning its HC Ty Ptak. This will be Tulsa's first real challenge as they have played MCV and CAR. I think Seattle takes this one by a touchdown


CHS… Nothing else should be said


I do like what Denver has done so far with very little. But they are going to Arizona and I can see Moses having a huge game here. Give me ARZ


Championship rematch that could be too tough to call. I do like Baltimore at home but I can see Florida taking this one. Give me Florida to send Baltimore to 1-3


Carolina is in the same state as Indy. Not sure what their team identity is. Can't get the run going and having a tough time on defense. ACA takes this one on the road.


LA just has not looked good. Let's face it. No offense to the coaching staff there but something needs to change. They looked good against Seattle and probably should have won that game, but the other 2 games have been YIKES. Give me MIN


In my opinion I think this could turn out to be a great game. If SD can stop the run attack of ATL I think SD takes this at home. HC Mike O’neal seems to me like he knows what he is doing. Give the SD upset here


Finally the MNS. The cameras are on the owners Gerald and Mike Daggs during this game. IF the Revs can stay healthy in the backfield and get production out of them I think they take this game. If they can't then they are going to get hurt by that MXC secondary. Give me LOU by a late FG