SFLm teams to draft Developmental players November 1

by Cameron Irvine

The Simulation Football League today announces that the Developmental Team - a team made up of the bottom 8% in developed players across the league, mostly made up of recently drafted players - will all play in SFLm this season and will be drafted by those eight teams during a live broadcast on SFL YouTube Wednesday November 1 at 9 pm ET.

The order of the draft will be determined at the start of the program. Each team will have one minute to make their selections and the team representatives will be announcing their picks. The draft will be snake-style (the team with the 8th pick will get the 9th pick).

There are currently 62 rookies a part of the next class, a class that started from scratch after nearly every player was drafted as Season 21 class members, with rosters currently ranging anywhere between 7-10 rostered rookies. The Developmental Team draft will increase roster sizes for week 1 by an additional 6-7 players. Teams will draft until all developmental players have been selected.

"This will give our developmental players additional chances to play and make impacts on the field," said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. "This will also allow new team owners to show their abilities to build quality organizations and find additional ways of how to put their players first and engage with different types of players at different points in their careers.

The exception to this draft will be the quarterback position. Switch Thumper, Austin Blanco and Kenny Slider will play in SFLm despite not being on the Developmental Team (all are currently in SFL backup quarterback roles) and Michael Brown, who is on the dev team, will not be eligible for the draft (he declined his two-way status earlier this season and currently starts for Motor City.

Season 8 of SFLm starts Friday November 10. Updated rosters and textures for the league will release Friday November 3. For the complete schedule, click here. For more information about the Developmental Team, click here.