SFLm finalizes rosters ahead of May 10 start

by Cameron Irvine

The SFL minor league has been gearing up for its exciting 9th season, kicking off Friday May 10. Today, the league has finalized the eight team rosters following last week's developmental draft and the fourth stage of player allocation its calling 'enhanced development'. 

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Last season, many teams were left short at less popular positions, especially in defensive backfields. In order to boost the quality of play throughout the minor league season, the league will be giving more playing time to players who may have missed the cut for the developmental team in SFL Season 22, but may not have gotten major playing time up to this point in the pros. In many cases, these are developmental players from SFL Season 21 returning to their minor league clubs.

The list of 'enhanced development' players includes:

  • OLB Sonny Skye (Fort Worth-Albuquerque)
  • FS Sullivan Tyson (Baltimore-Albuquerque)
  • SS Dylan Bamcellor (Jacksonville-Albuquerque)
  • OLB Greg Ward (Los Angeles-Bossier City)
  • CB Luke Schreiner (Denver-Bossier City)
  • CB Mikayla Fouraker (Alamo City-Bossier City)
  • TE Abad Ruiz II (Queen City-Chicago)
  • CB Devante Moore (Los Angeles-Chicago)
  • FS Tyler Highfield (D.C.-Chicago)
  • CB Mike Bird (Houston-Lexington)
  • FS Biggoh Renfrow (Florida-Lexington)
  • SS Kev Seay Jr. (D.C.-Lexington)
  • TE Nate Lemay (Florida-Nashville)
  • ILB Tommy Wellbrock-Busse (Louisiana-Nashville)
  • CB Pink Leisa (San Diego-Nashville)
  • SS Chris Delrow (Carolina-Nashville)
  • CB Hayvo Ramsey (Jacksonville-Philadelphia)
  • FS Eaton Moss (Los Angeles-Philadelphia)
  • SS JJ Bailey (Florida-Philadelphia)
  • WR Kenny Slider Jr. (Seattle-Pittsburgh)
  • CB Sammy Seatbelt III (Motor City-Pittsburgh)
  • SS Al Ingram III (Houston-Pittsburgh)
  • CB Tavias Gordon (Fort Worth-San Jose)
  • FS Willy Bandz (Alamo City-San Jose)