SFL enhances progression system, announces SFLm changes

by Cameron Irvine

After months of feedback from veteran players, new players to the league since the transition to 4K23 and team leadership, the Simulation Football League has finalized its plans for progression system enhancements, an all new incentive system and changes coming to the SFLm and rookie onboarding process. All will take effect in the Season 23 off-season coming up in May.

"We needed to slow our progression system after five years of the old system that featured thresholds that could be easily exploited and player builds that were all similar, devaluing attributes across the board," said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. "What we've found over the last nine months is that the system can't work effectively if there aren't buying and selling of attributes consistently, incentives to be a participant regardless of activity and more ways for teams to help build the next great contributors on their team. Our teams were hamstrung and our players were stuck in mud. By the start of next season, everyone will be much more free to ultimately build the player they want to be."

The league has also finalized the salary cap for Season 23 at $35 million. Any cuts made in the off-season under the salary cap will be returned back to teams and players in a 50/50 split, with 50% going directly into the player's progression bank and 50% going back to the team. All team funds accumulated can be distributed to player progression banks at the team's discretion. Players can also sell attributes during the season at market rate.

Any player drafted in Season 21 or Season 22's class will receive $2 million in their banks upon signing their Season 23 contract. Any player drafted will receive $1 million in their banks upon signing their pro contract. There will only be one Rookie Draft per year moving forward, each December to allow player's the development time they need to compete in the major league.

Many more details and specifics on the above can be found below. Commissioner Cameron Irvine will be on the next edition's of SFL content including  Around the SFL, Streets are Talking, SFL Gameday with Mike O'Neal and SFL Nights with AJ Striker to provide further clarifications needed to the announcement.

"We recognize that we're moving toward these goals and further clarifications and adjustments will be made as we go," Irvine said. "What's important to recognize today are the steps we're taking to better our product and experience for our customers. I certainly hope the changes are well received and I feel like we've addressed issues for a wide range of players and teams in our league today. We needed solutions that could easily integrate into the system currently in place and not all suggestions could be adapted, but we've set ourselves up nicely for the future with these solutions."

"While I will miss having a draft every season, our new progression system just simply isn't conducive to that type of immediate player movement."

Season 22 concludes Saturday May 11 with the 22nd SFL Championship Game. Season 23 will begin at the 2024 SFL Convention on Friday July 12. Finalized details of this season's convention will be announced soon.