SFL Details Player Build, Progression Changes

by Cameron Irvine

The SFL will be making many changes this off-season, led by the transition to a different game title: ESPN NFL Football, otherwise known as the 2k4 release of 2k sports football. The SFL will release a free-to-download mod that features up-to-date rosters, stadiums, uniforms, and league presentation and will be updated weekly throughout each season.

Here's what players can expect in the Season 21 off-season as teams begin to construct their rosters for competition:

Enter the Elite

- SFL players will be able to progress most attributes higher than allowed in 2K8 under a revised progression system. This will ensure that players can build themselves into elite builds that separate them from the rest of the people playing at their position, giving their player more value. These attributes are not easy to obtain, ensuring that your efforts will give you an advantage over the competition.

Year-Long Progression

- Once players sign their Season 21 contract, they will begin to receive weekly progression. Only an active subscription is needed to receive and bank progression, which can be done over the lifetime of your player's career.

Endless Player Potential

- No banked progression counts against the salary cap. Take weeks saved into free agency, help your team fit under the next salary cap or save up for elite ratings only you have the power to progress. We see who you are this season and who you could become in the coming years.

Affect the Competition

- The more you progress an attribute, the harder it becomes for someone else to achieve your skill level. Dynamic attribute cost allows every player's decision to affect another's. Be strong and make someone else hurt to be more like you.

Identity Builds

- SFL 4K23 player builds focus more on the specific things your player does well, in order to separate you from the rest of the player pool. Be the type of player you've always wanted to be, w/ out restrictions of archetype builds and lower maximums and without fear that you'll just end up being like everyone else.

Animation Advantage

Animations will count as a signing bonus for each player to be used over the lifetime of their progression. High value animations will provide a one-time $20,000 boost of progression, low value animations will provide a one-time $10,000 boost of progression, helping you further build your new identity.