Season 22 All-Stars revealed; game June 22

by Cameron Irvine

The Simulation Football League is ready for another All-Star exhibition, honoring the best performances from Season 22. The East will once again clash with the West at Zolnier Championship Field in League City, Texas.

The East-West format started in Season 14. Last season's game - the first on SFL 4K23 was arguably the most exciting, featuring seven touchdowns and a West game-winner in the fourth quarter.

Season 14 - West 17 Vs. East 19

Season 15 - West 16 Vs. East 18

Season 16 - East 13 Vs. West 41

Season 17 - West 6 Vs. East 24

Season 18 - West 17 Vs. East 29

Season 19 - West 17 Vs. East 45

Season 20 - West 19 Vs. East 20

Season 21 - East 21 Vs. West 28

This season's All-Stars were tabulated using JaxData - the league's analytical arm - and it's composite ranking system.

The East consists of players from:

  • Atlanta, Baltimore, Canton, Carolina, Charleston, D.C., Florida, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Louisiana, Motor City, Minnesota and Queen City.

The West consists of players from:

  • Alamo City, Arizona, Denver, Fort Worth, Houston, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Portland, San Diego, Seattle, Tulsa and Vancouver.


Gabriel Manning will be making his 9th All-Star game, leading Tulsa's league-tying high of eight selections this season. Aztec Max Jackson continues his unprecedented career, headed to his SFL-record 11th All-Star appearance. Noe Terrazas is also going to his first All-Star game in nine seasons after his first season in Mexico City. Terrazas wasn't the only one who found new success on a new squad - Los Angeles' Monte Wyatt and Houston's Blake Prine make their first All-Star team after six seasons elsewhere with no appearances. Houston veteran Greg Corky gets his first call in 12 SFL seasons. Arizona's Parker Thomas was right behind him, getting his first nod in 10 SFL seasons. In total, 24 of the team's 39 rostered players will be first-timers.

Quarterbacks: Michael Brown (TUL), Marcus Dunhill (FTW)

Halfbacks: Josh Slapp (HOU), Baylee O'Shaughnessy (DEN)

Fullback: RE Mills (DEN)

Wide Receivers: Gabriel Manning (TUL), Stephen Hacker (FTW), Vin Calia (ACA), TJ Punk (ARZ), Noe Terrazas (MEX)

Tight Ends: Pauly Truth (SEA), Benji Mattson (SDM)

Offensive Line: Kani Cook (T, HOU), Emilio Panda (T, FTW), Sarah Bergans (G, HOU), Phoebe Collins (G, TUL), Brunter Grajam (C, VAN)

Defensive Ends: Robert Thump (ACA), Bobo Caudill (VAN)

Defensive Tackles: Dan Tritz (MEX), Anthony Stover (HOU)

Inside Linebackers: David Ware (TUL), Tazzy Blackwell (LAL)

Outside Linebackers: Tony Roberto (TUL), Stefaun Forge (DEN), JL Browning (FTW)

Cornerbacks: Kamran Shaw (TUL), Adam Leach (FTW), Nate Hezlep (TUL), Parker Thomas (ARZ)

Strong Safeties: Max Jackson (MEX), Blake Prine (HOU)

Free Safeties: Monte Wyatt (LAL), Travis Arthur (TUL)

Kicker: Chance Touwin (VAN)

Punter: David Ruesch (SEA)

Kick Returners: Kenny Hendricks (ACA), Greg Corky (HOU)

Punt Returners: Jacob Morrison (MEX)


The East is led by some ageless veterans and some talented rookies. The 3rd overall pick - Atlanta's Henry McGee - will be the team's lead kick returner, joined by pick 20, Canton's Kiara Kilganon starting at center. Dtyreiron Darshington also made the squad, selected 33rd in the last Rookie Draft by Queen City. After the longest wait, Florida's Steven Bush will make his first All-Star appearance after 13 seasons in the league. Indianapolis' Adam Wiseman and Minnesota's Jay Taylor have made the game for the first time in their nine-season careers. Shockingly, two dominant players will also be making their first appearances: Minnesota's Max Knight and D.C.'s Paw T. Pawtai.

Quarterbacks: Johnny Reno (MIN), Ron Cockren (FLA)

Halfbacks: Logan Lee (CAN), BDG Hollewood (ATL)

Fullbacks: Chris Comisac (FLA)

Wide Receivers: Ivory Ervin (BAL), Ryan Roosevelt (IND), Kae Marion (ATL), Steven Bush (FLA), Jay Taylor (MIN)

Tight Ends: Lauren Percoco (DCD), James Matthew Jr. (QCC)

Offensive Line: Max Van Linge (T, CAN), Jacque LePancacque (T, CAN), Joseph Wade (G, FLA), Dusty Wilson (G, MIN), Kiara Kilganon (C, CAN)

Defensive Ends: Dan Dash (CHS), Dtyreiron Darshington (QCC)

Defensive Tackles: Max Knight (MIN), Alex Dominguez (FLA)

Inside Linebackers: Adam Wiseman (IND), Declan O'Rourke (DCD)

Outside Linebackers: Kevin Brackett (CAN), Rodney Panani (MCV), Alvin Mack (BAL)

Cornerbacks: Evan Carroll (FLA), Frank Bernstine (CAN), Ryan Davidson (FLA), King Rashid (MCV)

Strong Safeties: Chris Henry (ATL), Derek Meercat (MIN)

Free Safeties: Daniel Wright (FLA), Sam Blotner (CHS)

Kicker: Paw T. Pawtai (DCD)

Punter: Liam Price (JAX)

Kick Returners: Henry McGee (ATL), Christian Bacigaluppi (CAR)

Punt Returner: Mike Twinscrew (LOU)