Season 21 Rookie Draft: Night 1 Review

by Cameron Irvine

It was a night to remember in the SFL. 54 players found a new home, starting with quarterback Ty Ptak, a champion in SFLm with Albuquerque and now the new signal caller in Seattle. He's the first quarterback taken No. 1 since Jonny Picher was drafted by St. Louis first in the Season 14 draft on For the Fans TV. 

Some other storylines from the night:

  • A bunch of running backs were selected as teams make depth a more important component to team building in a growing league. Hunter McWaffle went 2nd to San Diego, Duane Sammons (5th) and Chris Grant Jr. (12th) were selected by Louisiana, who traded up to get both. Sheppard Vakarian was selected by Jacksonville at 24 and Josh Slapp rounded out the first round, headed to Houston at pick 27. The stunner of the night was SFLm rushing leader Logan Lee falling all the way to 50, where Vancouver took advantage and scooped him up.
  • Combine standouts got their name called, led by Queen City's selections of free safety Alex Marshall 6th and tight end Chase Matthews at 28.
  • Of players signed so far, D.C. cornerback Xavier Roux III has inked the fattest contract valued at over 1.6 million. He went 13th overall to the Dragons, their first pick of the night.

By the time this draft is over, it will be tied for the second-biggest class at 108 players with Season 19. The Season 15, 2020
COVID draft, was the only one bigger, at 137 picks. To read about that incredible draft and the 7th rounders who have made an impact since, check out Josh Farnzy's latest Read Option here. Click here for a complete history of SFL Rookie Draft selections.

Season 21 Draft (4 Rounds)

Round 1

1st Overall - Seattle - Ty Ptak, QB 
2nd Overall - San Diego - Hunter Mcwaffle, RB 
3rd Overall - Motor City - John Smith, OL 
4th Overall - Los Angeles - Janae Nicole, OL 
5th Overall - Louisiana - Duane Sammons, RB 
6th Overall - Queen City - Alex Marshall, FS 
7th Overall - Canton - Dimirtri Monzzuma, ILB 
8th Overall - Baltimore - Ray Arnold, OL 
9th Overall - Florida - Jesus Smith, LB
10th Overall - Portland - Tyler Spencer, OL 
11th Overall - Arizona - Thomas LeClaire, TE
12th Overall - Louisiana - Chris Grant Jr, RB 
13th Overall - DC - Xavier Roux III, CB 
14th Overall - Charleston - Anthony Robertson, DE
15th Overall - Mexico City - Navonte Richardson, TE 
16th Overall - Fort Worth - Sonny Skye, LB 
17th Overall - Las Vegas - Brad Taylor-Wright, FB 
18th Overall - Alamo City - Reign Storm, FB
19th Overall - Los Angeles - Daricus Inguez, WR
20th Overall - Minnesota - Nicholas Frossil, CB 
21st Overall - Mexico City - Antoine Joe, CB
22nd Overall - Carolina - Stephen Forbes, DT
23rd Overall - Vancouver - DJ Woods, LB 
24th Overall - Jacksonville - Sheppard Vakarian, RB 
25th Overall - Atlanta - Ynot Airelette, TE
26th Overall - Arizona - Ryan Arlovski, WR
27th Overall - Houston - Josh Slapp, RB 

Round 2 
28th Overall - Queen City - Chase Matthews, TE 
29th Overall - Jacksonville - Joe Beasley, WR
30th Overall - Louisiana - Tommy Wellbrock-Busse, LB
31st Overall - Tulsa - Marquise Sango, TE 
32nd Overall - Charleston - Ricky Spyder, WR 
33rd Overall - Queen City - DJ Kilganon, LB
34th Overall - Canton - Joshua Durr, SS   
35th Overall - Denver - Luis Quintana, LB 
36th Overall - Florida - Kaleb Giffis, WR 
37th Overall - Portland - Ryan Cooke, CB
38th Overall - Baltimore - Ralph Leopold, DT
39th Overall - Sioux Falls - Andrew Warren, P 
40th Overall - DC - Sam Harrison, WR
41th Overall - Sioux Falls - Eddie Maddox, TE 
42nd Overall - Indianapolis - Kenneth Gaston Jr. LB
43rd Overall - San Diego - Danny Carmichael, SS
44th Overall - Carolina - Chris Derlow, SS 
45th Overall - Sioux Falls - Ryan Davis, WR 
46th Overall - Tulsa - Ian Francis, WR
47th Overall - Minnesota - Jason Clay, OLB 
48th Overall - Seattle - Darko Young, DE
49th Overall - Las Vegas - Logan Throneburg, LB 
50th Overall - Vancouver - Logan Lee, RB 
51st Overall - Los Angeles - Jimmy Foster, TE 
52nd Overall - Denver - Jerald Cumbus, DL
53rd Overall - Indianapolis - Noah Davis, LB 
54th Overall - Denver - Chris Altherr, TE