Minnesota Legend get brand refresh ahead of fourth season

by Cameron Irvine

The Minnesota Legend is entering its fourth season in the SFL and after making the playoffs each of the first three seasons, the Legend are writing the next chapter with a brand refresh, most notably adding a new shade of green and retooling its Sasquach emblem.

"As we continue to evolve and grow beyond the startup team first imagined in early 2022, we step into the next phase of the Legend legacy further legitimizing our place in this great league," said Co-Owner Axel Raven. "As a perennial playoff team and 2-time Central Division Champ, we Legend fully expect to keep stepping up toe-to-toe to all who challenge us, give it our all, and let our performance and good works stand for themselves. Here's to being even more of a Legend in Season 22."

With the refresh, Minnesota adds a slightly lighter kelly green to its palette to pair with the original, darker forest green. The illustration emotes more aggression and a more dynamic body movement with the 3/4 turn face and body (versus the straight on of the original). The backdrop of the state of Minnesota is more prominent, and the word mark is integrated into the design of the logo for a more seamless aesthetic.  The Legend has also added in the use of the North Star, rooted in Minnesota historical iconography, in alternate logo sets. To top it off, there are silhouettes of pine trees that add slight texture and ground the visuals in the woods of Minnesota, the home of the Legend.

"From the very beginning, the Minnesota Legend raised the bar amongst SFL leadership," said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. "I could not imagine the league without them in it and Axel's abilities to raise the bar on himself, his other team leaders and the SFL with his work on and off the field sets the bar again and again. I can't wait to see this refresh on the field next season."

Minnesota in its first two years ranks in the top 10 of retention and is led by Raven, Co-Owner BJ Loveless, General Manger Stephen Black and Assistant GM Derek Meercat.