by Jason Miller


Guess who is back in the SFL??? This is your favorite reporter Jason Miller here. I was sitting next to the fireplace on a cold Midwest evening with a nice cup of bourbon and just got that familiar itch. The itch to write up about the SFL again. I miss writing about the SFL on a weekly basis and now with all my past issues behind me, I can focus on the content that truly matters to me. Starting this week every Monday afternoon, The Miller Report will be released. Check out the website once these are live. Let's not waste any more time and just dive in. 


The Canton Classics are coming off a stellar Season 21 when they made their first playoff appearance. A Lot of people thought that Canton would take the next step. And so far, they have. First game of the season they held a team that has been to numerous championship games in Arizona to 0 POINTS! Everyone was saying in the media about that win as a “fluke” or “Week 1 shenanigans”. Week 2 comes along as they enter The Snake Pit. That place hasn't been friendly to them as their only time playing there, they gave up the biggest lead in SFL history. They came in and shut down that Rambler offense that was looking really good through the air. Colin Pierce was held to 9/16 for only 85yds in this ballgame and the run game of Indy was stopped as well. This Classic defense has given up 0 touchdowns so far in the first 2 games this season which is a feat all on its own here in the SFL. They were able to do it with pressure from the DLine, creating turnovers with an Evan Lacey INT, and just all-around great tackling. Arizona was a big challenge and Indy was a good test on the road, but they will have another big challenge next week as they face Baltimore at Fatherhood. Will they continue the streak of no TDs allowed?


The Corsairs are a team that a ton of people in the SFL are talking about. I for one, did not see this start coming for them. They go out in Week 1 and shock the world by beating Baltimore. IN BALTIMORE. Thats an impressive feat. But as my sources kept telling me “Its Week 1 Jason, let's see what they really are made of” In this week's matchup had them against Houston. A team that broke the Mavericks wings in Week 1 and was looking really good. Now they lost this game by 1 (21-20) on the road, but it was proof that MAYBE QCC is back! Houston was a team that only gave up 77yds to Jonny Pichler the week before. Eric Price finished with 22/38 for 277yds and 1INT but it was the story of the defense for QCC that kept them in this ballgame. They kept GP and Josh Slapp for going crazy as they just got over 100yds combined and 2TDs but creating turnovers with INTs by Justin Reside and Alex Marshall helped keep them in this ballgame. This new coaching staff with Marshall/Stinson has this team hummin to start the season. With them plus Canton and DC starting hot this North Division is sure going to be interesting to watch this season


It's a long title for this section but you get the hint… SD has some serious problems. Now I can easily chalk this up to early season jitters but is that really the case. This roster is LOADED with weapons and there is no reason at all that they can only score 21 points total in 2 games. Lets dig into this for a minute. Jonny Pichler has been “Season 16 Jonny” in these first two games. Jonny is one that thrives on the QBR stat and coming into that game last night he was 38.1QBR. He had 1TD and 3INTs with only 77 yards passing. Last night he was a little better on the yards total with 182 but he threw 4 picks. Was that on him? Or is that on the coaching staff. Sources allege that there was “public frustration on Jonnys part about the offense” so maybe we will hear from HC Mike O'neal on ATS about that. Last season, SD had 4 backs that can carry the load for the offense but this season its really just McWaffle. He did finish with over 50 yards and 4.7yds/carry, but it really wasn't until the second half where we saw the run game work. So in my eyes, the coaching staff needs to go back to the film room and figure out what exactly needs to be done in order to right the ship. They moved to the Pacific Division this season and right now they are in the same boat as Portland (haha, boat joke) in the division race. 


I received an interesting text message the other day from one of my sources and I almost dropped my Philly Cheesesteak sandwich on the floor. According to sources, Denver RB and recent #1 pick Ace Ketchum was heard arguing with the coaching staff after the last game. This argument resulted in Ace leaving the LR and not traveling with the team after the DC game. My source did confirm that Ace “temporarily left the team” and was back the next day. I am curious what the reason was for the abrupt exit. Was he promised more carries? I don't see him getting more looks than star RB Baylee O'Shaughnessy at this current moment. It will be interesting how Denver coaching staff will handle this but according to another source “It's just another issue that rises up for Denver”. This will be something this reporter will keep an eye on in the next few weeks to see if this affects the team.

That will do it for this week's Miller Report. Please follow my twitter account @jasonmillersfl to get all the latest reports, rumors and all things SFL. The Miller Report has big things hopefully in store for Season 22 and beyond so stay tuned!