League announces awards, All-Star rosters from Season 21

by Cameron Irvine

The Simulation Football League in conjunction with its All-Star committee is proud to announce today the West and East All-Star teams and a list of honors to players across the league. 


Delaney Nash was all over the field for the Toros this season, who finished first in yards per pass attempt allowed and second in yards per rush attempt allowed. Nash captained the Toros to an undefeated season and to the No. 1 scoring defense that gave up a near-record low 18.4 points per game. Nash had the second-most interceptions (6) and also had the most pass deflections (15). Nash added 88 solo tackles, 12 tackles for loss and two sacks and scored three defensive touchdowns (T-1st), just one away from tying Josh Rowe's record of four in Season 18 when he won Defensive Player of Season 18 - those touchdowns were a large part of the league-leading 101 points off turnovers this regular season. Nash is only the second SFL defensive player to ever win Most Valuable Player, joining the San Francisco Bulldogs defensive end Randall Watts from all the way back in Season 3.

"Hats off to all the great performances on the field this season and a historical moment for Nash," said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. "Ultimately, a lack of offensive standout player led to this decision. No quarterback or running back dominated their field like Nash dominated. An argument could be made for many top quarterbacks and running backs this season, but there's no argument to what Nash, that defense and what the Toros were able to achieve."


Rookie Vancouver halfback Logan Lee accounted for a league-high 29 touchdowns (26 rushing, 3 receiving) falling just two rush touchdowns short of tying the league record which has stood since Season 8. Lee four different times rushed for over 200 yards this season including a season-high 254 against Houston. Three-straight games down the stretch, Lee scored four rushing touchdowns in a game. His rookie season came after six-straight 100-yard+ rushing games in the minor leagues prior to being drafted and earning the starting job in Vancouver.


Not many linebackers had the season Dexter Jackson had. Of the top 33 tacklers in the SFL this season, only three were linebackers (the rest were safeties) and Jackson was the top, accounting for 111 solo tackles and 26 tackles for loss, both second overall in the SFL. In other words, Jackson tackled more top running backs one-on-one than any player did in the front seven over the course of the season. Jackson also added six pass deflections and a forced fumble to his name. The Aztecs, despite their record, had the 13th-best scoring defense, 5th best run defense and 10th best total defense.

Offensive Rookie of SEASON 21: Seattle Quarterback Ty Ptak

Ty Ptak transformed the Seattle Nemesis on and off the field when he was selected No. 1 overall in the Season 21 Rookie Draft. Ptak finished second league-wide with 3,204 passing yards, was tied for 4th in passing touchdowns with 20 and finished top 10 in completion percentage (.636) and interception percentage (.036). He also set the rushing record for quarterbacks, scrambling for 233 yards and six rushing touchdowns. Ptak becomes the first player to be selected No. 1 and win either offensive or defensive rookie of the year since Jonny Pichler won the award and went No. 1 in Season 14.


The 35th pick in the Season 21 Rookie Draft, Luis Quintana tallied 73 solo tackles as one of the Nightwings' defensive leaders, second amongst rookies. He added 14 tackles for loss, six pass deflections, two interceptions, one forced fumble and a defensive touchdown to his name. Quintana was one of just seven players and the only non-defensive back who had an interception, forced fumble and touchdown in Season 21.


In a move originally criticized around the league, the Portland Fleet were one step ahead, converting former running back Scott Johnson from halfback to wide receiver and setting him up to return kickoffs and punts. Johnson didn't disappoint, returning three to the house. He had the second-most kick return yards this season (1,355) and averaged 37 yards per return, highest amongst players with at least 15 returns.

The All-Star Game will take place Sunday December 18 at Zolnier Championship Field from Cincinnati. The West is made up of players from the Pacific, West and Southern Divisions and the East is made up of players from the East, Atlantic and North Divisions. The Central Division is split amongst the two conferences, with Tulsa and Sioux Falls going West, Minnesota and Indianapolis going East.

West All-Stars (1st-time all-stars in bold, rookies underlined)

Quarterbacks: Marcus Dunhill (FTW), Ty Ptak (SEA)

Halfbacks: DJ Moses (ARZ), Logan Lee (VAN)

Fullbacks: Buford Van Dam (MEX)

Wide Receivers: Kae Marion (SXF), Gabriel Manning (TUL), Stephen Hacker (FTW), D.R. Sim (HOU), Chris Lee (LAL)

Tight Ends: Will Todd (ARZ), Bill Henry (MEX)

Offensive Line: Jaiden Taylor (C, POR), Patrick Kelly (G, ARZ), Michael Percoco (G, VAN), Gerbil Culpepper (T, HOU), Will Stephens (T, SEA)

Defensive Line: Achilles Papatonis (DE, VAN), Gerry Dee Gond (DE, FTW), Rylan Caudill (DT, SDM), Luther Gond (DT, FTW)

Inside Linebackers: Dexter Jackson (MEX), Maurice Lloyd (LVF)

Outside Linebackers: Jason Strongbow (SXF), Garrett Hudson (LAL), Nathaniel Diggs (ARZ)

Cornerbacks: Ayden Davis (FTW), Daniel Valentine (SEA), Mickey McGuire (ACA), Tom Creeg (SDM)

Strong Safeties: Delaney Nash (FTW), Max Jackson (LVF)

Free Safeties: Jae Ringgold (SXF), Marc Lopez (VAN)

Kicker: Brooke Brown (TUL)

Punter: KL Barrett Jr. (MEX)

Kick Returners: Scott Johnson (POR), Dillon Lewis (DEN)

Punt Returners: Gabriel Manning (TUL), Doug Britton (LVF)

East All-Stars (1st-time all-stars in bold, rookies underlined)

Quarterbacks: John Lakeman (CHS), Ron Cockren (FLA)

Halfbacks: Bullet Biletsky (FLA), Colin Hart (MIN)

Fullbacks: T-Roy Gaines (BAL)

Wide Receivers: Ryan Roosevelt (IND), Kyle Finnamore (ATL), Doug Spelling (QCC), Ivory Ervin (BAL), Connor Weston (JAX)

Tight Ends: Lauren Percoco (DCD), J. Matthew Jr. (QCC)

Offensive Line: Saint Nebuchadnezzar (C, CHS), Alden Bleeker (G, BAL), Marcella Martin (G, JAX), D'Brickashaw Mollineaux (T, CHS), Joseph Wade (T, FLA)

Defensive Line: Forrest Dalton (DE, JAX), Mac Dre (DE, IND), Logan Gardner (DT, JAX), Chance Wall (DT, LOU)

Inside Linebackers: Danny Stinson (CAR), Matthew Hollford (MCV)

Outside Linebackers: Khalil Thomas (CHS), Gary Clem (LOU), Kevin Brackett (CAN)

Cornerbacks: Ernest McCray Sr. (IND), Ryan Davidson (FLA), Johnny Bravo (MIN), Evan Arthur (LOU)

Strong Safeties: Tank Bennett (LOU), Tigga Clay (JAX)

Free Safeties: David Leathers (MCV), Adrian Blane (FLA)

Kicker: Joe Garfield (QCC)

Punter: Marcus Agrippa (FLA)

Kick Returners: Sam Harrison (DCD), Jay Viper (IND)

Punt Returners: Sam Harrison (DCD), Joe Beasley (JAX)