JaxData Power Rankings: Week 7

by Cameron Irvine

JaxData has released its Week 7 Power Rankings and the top five go unchanged after the favorites mostly took care of business in Week 6. One favorite who didn't is No. 5 Minnesota but clearly their loss told voters more about Houston then it did Minnesota. While the Legend did not move, Houston did - up five spots into the No. 6 spot.

Seattle follows them at No. 7, dropping a spot just below Houston after a close loss to Alamo City. Both Houston and Seattle are 3-2 and have lost to unbeaten Fort Worth and the Artillery from San Antonio. D.C. creeps into the Top 10, up two spots after a dominating victory against Carolina.

In Week 7, no top 10 matchups but we will see No. 2 Florida welcome in No. 12 Canton, who's just coming off a franchise record 49-point performance in a convincing win over Charleston. That game kicks off Saturday at 1:15 pm ET.