Geno's Minor League Mashup Week 4: Time Flies...

by Geno McFly

The SFLm is a well-rounded league. Week 3 showed us that, as all four games last week were decided by one possession. The standings are still perfectly symmetrical, as four teams are on both sides of the .500 line. We'll see who can improve their playoff situations in Week 4, with Lincoln looking to dethrone the kings. This week will be a bit shorter than normal, as this has been an oddly busy week for me. However, the show must go on!

For this week's main segment, I'll be stealing John Fullerton's "Work Hard, Play Hard" Player of the Week, as he's on vacation. There were many top-notch performances this week, but after taking some time to think about it, I decided that two players stood out from the rest. The first is Dillon Lewis. He brought the cheat codes to break the San Jose defense, gathering 11 catches for 135 yards and TWO touchdowns. It's not often you see a receiver haul in multiple TDs in one game, but Dillon Lewis put in the work last week. He was the first in the practice facility every day, arriving early to work on his first moves off the snap, which allowed him to break free from the coverage all night.

The second player I'd like to highlight is Logan Lee. He didn't need to bring cheat codes last Friday because he IS the cheat code. His build is impeccable, with the perfect combination of speed and finesse. He even has the strength to shed tackles left and right. He went off for 164 yards and THREE touchdowns to lead the Rattlesnakes to a victory. I wouldn't be surprised to hear his name called early in this year's draft.

With such a short article this week, I've decided to throw in a fresh version of Geno's (sometimes quarterly) Power Rankings!

  1. Lexington (3-0) =
  2. Madison (2-1) UP 1
  3. Lincoln (2-1) UP 2
  4. Annapolis (2-1) DOWN 2
  5. San Jose (1-2) DOWN 1
  6. Albuquerque (1-2) =
  7. Tacoma (1-2) =
  8. Ottawa (0-3) =


We have a new addition to the prediction team! Matthew Slinn will be joining to give his insights for the rest of the season.

Geno's Record: Week 3 1-2 ---> Total 6-3 (.667)

TJ's Record: Week 3 2-2 ---> Total 3-9 (.250)

Jay's Record: Week 3 2-1 ---> Total 2-1 (.667)

Slinn's Record: 0-0

Total Prediction Record: Week 3 5-5 ---> Total 13-14 (481)

Note: TJ will only be providing scores this week, as he is currently unable to complete write-ups.


Geno: No prediction (coach)

TJ: Annapolis takes it 31-17.

Jay: Annapolis just lost to Lincoln and Ottawa can’t buy a win. Every loss they've had has only been by one possession. They need to get Duane Sammons involve more and try to win this game on the ground, not through the air. But, in this game, I’ll take Annapolis by one possession by a score of 27-20.

Slinn: The Cavalry can't buy a win this season and, unfortunately, there won't be one for sale this week either. Despite Annapolis' compulsion to throw the ball to the opposition a couple times a game, Chris Grant Jr. is a 'Get out of Jail free' card that Ottawa simply doesn't have. I can see it being close, much like most of the games involving the Cavalry this season, but Annapolis' control of the clock behind Grant Jr's legs will be too much. Navigators win 26-19.


Geno: This game takes my spot for Game of the Week. The key for Lexington will be to limit the passing, as a Logan Lee-centered gameplan leaves the door open for Kenny Slider. If they can limit his production, I expect them to have a chance. However, I doubt the Miners' offense will be able to keep up, as Lincoln dethrones the kings. Lincoln slithers to a 31-24 victory.

TJ: Lincoln defends their turf in a hard-fought 24-21 win.

Jay: Lexington is still undefeated and number one in the minors. I'm not surprised about that. However, this is where their schedule gets tough. Playing at Lincoln is going to be a shootout. Two gold QBs, but I'm still trusting Logan Lee, Kenny Slider, and that WR core to get it done and stop this winning streak. 31-28 Lincoln.

Slinn: Boy, does Lexington look good this season! Chad Moore is a classy QB, DJ Kilganon looks like a linebacker that can do it all and Willy Smoke is a touchdown machine. Week 4 could be their toughest test yet, though. Lincoln are no pushovers and have proved they can score points - Logan Lee is a headache for any team. It's gonna be fast. It's gonna be high-scoring. I may fall on my face here but I think Lincoln will come out spitting venom. Rattlesnakes 34-31.


Geno: I keep hoping that King Jackson can return to his top potential, but he's been sloppy with the ball. His 3 INTs last week ended up being the deciding factor in their loss against the Atoms. He'll have to pick it up if he wants to pull the upset. Switch Thumper came out firing last week, and he'll need to do the same this week to stand their ground in the playoff picture. This Lynx defense will need to get in the backfield often to pressure King and slow down Ben Jackson. Tacoma defends their turf in a 28-17 victory.

TJ: Tacoma regroups and pulls out a win, 20-17.

Jay: No prediction (coach)

Slinn: One word. PRESSURE. The Lynx defensive line is going to bring it to Tacoma in Week 4. Grizzlies' QB King Jackson has already been sacked seven times this season - expect that number to reach double figures facing the duo of Ricky Phillips and DJ Woods. Tacoma has talent, especially Jackson's namesake at running back, but the Lynx look to have that little extra somethin'. First road victory of Madison's season - 24-12.


Geno: Hunter McWaffle has had an incredible rookie season at HB. It'll be a tough task to continue that against the Albuquerque front seven. I'm expecting Ty Ptak to have trouble through the air tonight, so expect to see Josh Slapp attempt to carve the Flight up. The Atoms have a meltdown, as San Jose takes it, 17-10.

TJ: San Jose flies to a 28-24 win.

Jay: Last season was a disappointing game when Albuquerque and San Jose were against each other. Hopefully, this game doesn't disappoint me this time. Can we make it a close game, please? Albuquerque wins 37-30.

Slinn: Is there a QB in the SFLm that looks more SFL-ready than Austin Blanco? The man piloting the Flight has been fantastic in this young season - and yet, they're below .500. Despite his stellar play, Blanco can't account for a leaky defense. Fortunately, the Flight face the Atoms in Week 4, a team that hasn't scored more than 23 points this season. The matchup looks good. The three-time champs have a typically stingy defense this season, but when good offense faces good defense, I usually fall on the side of the offense. San Jose to win it despite Blanco throwing a couple of picks - 27-21.

Take care,