Geno's Minor League Mashup Week 2: Off to a Hot Start!

by Geno McFly


3 one-possession games to start the season? Sign me up! Week 1 gave us three great games and one blowout (sorry SJF...), giving everyone a taste of what the season will be like. Who would've guessed that a rookie QB would be the passing yards leader? Not me. This will be a shorter article, as I don't have much time to write this due to games being played on Wednesday. I'll recap all 4 Week 1 games, as well as give predictions for Week 2. So, let's start!


What a game for Ben Jackson! After a slow start for the Tacoma offense, Jackson was able to power his team down the field (as well as some great throws from King Jackson!), culminating in his first of 3 (!!) touchdowns. I've gotta give a shoutout to Ottawa QB Tyreek Mccall, though, as he threw for 323 yards to put his name on top of the passing yards list. Sonny Skye's 12 solo tackles also earn a shoutout.

MVP: Ben Jackson

Honorable Mentions: Tyreek Mccall, Sonny Skye


The Chad Moore Show got off to a hot start this week, as he threw for 302 yards and 3 TDs for a passer rating of 113. He was able to spread the ball around quite a bit, as the 4 contracted players who caught passes had 6, 9, 7, and 5 receptions. Willy Smoke didn't do much on the ground Friday night, but he made up for it with 6 receptions for 25 yards and 2 TDs. Hunter McWaffle takes my third slot with 121 yards on the ground, mostly coming from a 67-yard breakaway where he was ultimately tackled just before the 20-yard line.

MVP: Chad Moore

Honorable Mentions: Willy Smoke, Hunter McWaffle


Chris Grant Jr. worked hard Friday night, chugging for 168 yards and 15 more in the passing game. Annapolis didn't get off to the best start, as Michael Brown threw 3 interceptions before the first half ended, but went on to take the game on a 55-yard touchdown drive. Wolffe Highwind came in clutch for the Annapolis defense, gathering 14 total tackles, with 3 of those being for a loss. Danny Carmichael led the Madison secondary well, with 12 tackles and an interception.

MVP: Chris Grant Jr.

Honorable Mentions: Wolffe Highwind, Danny Carmichael


No one player for Lincoln contributed the most to this win. Lincoln's OC, Mac Chimah, drew up a masterful gameplan to defeat the reigning SFLm champions. He spread the ball out quite well, with the offense gathering 355 total yards. Josh Slapp fought hard, though, as he powered the Atoms' offense with 147 yards and a TD. Joe Idol was also able to gather 8 receptions for 105 yards and a TD in the loss.

MVP: Mac Chimah

Honorable Mentions: Josh Slapp, Joe Idol

Before we get to our Week 2 predictions, John Fullerton is joining us this week to talk about his "Work Hard, Play Hard" player of the week!

Well hello everyone, let me first off introduce myself. I am John "Easy Money" Fullerton, I am currently a Free Agent Wide Receiver and also part of the Lincoln Rattlesnakes. Now why am I here in this article? Well because Mother Nature wanted to visit TJ Harper. She decided that he could not have any internet for some time and this caused the delay of his show. But jokes aside, I'm happy that the only thing that he lost was his internet. This is a Segment that could potentially be on his show. 

What is this segment that you are wondering about? It's simply called "Work Hard, Play Hard". I cover a player that simply put that work in and played pretty well for his team. So now the suspense is over, are you ready? 

While I was sitting at my desk listening to Radio Traffic, I decided to watch a little Tacoma action. I wanted to support my man, King Jackson. But I noticed something, I saw another Jackson! No not Ashley Jackson, but a Ben Jackson? The more that I watched this Running Back, the effort and hard work was paying off! Nothing like getting your name out there on your 1st SFLm Game and also getting that W! He rushed for 161 Yards on 26 Attempts! Also got that Tuddy! (Touchdown for those that are confused) But of course, your first game wouldn't be a success without a little turmoil which was a fumble. Better upgrade that "Secure the Ball". But no, Ben Jackson did a great job out there for his team. What seems to be the "Jackson Duo" out in Tacoma, we'll see how this season plays out. 

See Ya Later, 



Geno's Record: 2-1 (.667)

Guests' Record: 3-4 (.429)

Combined Record: 5-5 (.500)

Last Week: Geno 2-1, Ty Ptak 2-1, TJ Harper 1-3

Guest Predictions: TJ Harper (again)


Geno: The Chad Moore Show rolls on, as he throws for 275 yards and 2 TDs. Lexington wins 31-24.

TJ: Both teams came out the gate hot this season. Two of the highest scoring teams and best defensive showings so far. Tacoma has the Jackson 2 running things on their offense with a mix of Moxie/Skye in the linebacker core. Lexington will lean on the arm talents of Chad Moore and try to get Smoke and Jackson to work in space. Potential championship contender with whomever comes on top. Tacoma wins 27-24.


Geno: No prediction (coach)

TJ: Atoms had their championship banger raising spoiled by Lincoln. They’ll be traveling this week and I expect them to be very focused this week to get back to .500. They will continue feeding Josh Slapp and dumping to Idol for large chunk plays. It’s the CGjr show in Annapolis. 45 touches last week. I don’t expect that many, but at least 30 will be going to him. If they can get downhill and move piles, they will be a tough team to stop. The Atoms win 24-17.


Geno: San Jose has Tyreek Mccall read all night, as they pick him off twice and fly to a 27-21 win. 

TJ: Battle of the Winless. Both had rough offensive outings, but look for improvement this week. McCall completed 82% of his passes. Amazing, but didn’t add up to points. They have to figure out a way to get Sammons going to really open up their offense. Blanco and Arlovski look to recreate their numbers last week and hope to find the endzone multiple times. Keep an eye on Josh Durr. He may be due for an INT. Ottawa wins 18-14.


Geno: Switch Thumper is able to regather himself and his team, as the Lynx offense explodes for 375 yards in a 35-17 blowout.

TJ: VenomNation knocked off the defending champs on the road. Slider, Lee and Fullerton haven’t had a monster game yet, I expect one to blow up this week. Switch has a 2 INT day and I don’t expect that to repeat. He’s a vet QB and will be rallying the troops to get back to 1-1. Danny Carmichael is on a crazy pace for tackles with 11. Can he hit another double digit night? Lincoln wins 32-21.

Next week, I'll look at the early stats leaders, and share one surprise from each team. 

Take care,