Free Agency Tracker and Schedule Impacters

by Cameron Irvine

While not all players have signed, not all contracts are finalized and there were hundreds of transactions across the league, here's a recap of some of the biggest moves this off-season and which games on the schedule become that much more interesting as a result:

  • Highly paid, highly coveted land new deals

HB Logan Lee: $2.270 million

Old Team: VAN / New Team: CAN

Logan Lee was the highest paid player in the league last season but once his salary counted against Vancouver's cap, they couldn't afford him. He lands in Canton and appears to be primed to move into the No. 1 role on the depth chart alongside Robert Johnson, who is no doubt a bit gassed from his large workload from last season.

FB Matteo Pravado: $1.877 million

Old Team: SDM / New Team: VAN

Pravado was sensational in San Diego last season but the Mavericks had the most crowded backfield in the league last season with four total HB/FB. Pravado finds a new home in Vancouver, making more than twice what Sawyer Stern made as the team's starting fullback last season.

HB Sudo Nakai: $1.855 million

Old Team: SDM / New Team: VAN

Nakai is going back to his roots, heading back to Vancouver. He'll back up Hall-of-Famer Robert Redford and will undoubtedly be once again a part of an elite offense. He'll face his former Mavericks, like Pravado will, on the schedule quickly.

Impact Games: Vancouver @ San Diego (Week 2), Canton @ Vancouver (Week 4)

  • Division rivals make a swap

FB Bill Cherry: $1.793 million

Old Team: MCV / New Team: CAN

Cherry was part of the unusual offense in Motor City last season, but now will become a part of maybe the most traditional team in the league. With Logan Lee, Robert Johnson and Bill Cherry - over 5.5 million invested in the backfield - the Classics run game isn't going anywhere.

HB Tauraneo Rivera: $1.813 million

Old Team: CAN / New Team: MCV

Division rivals Canton and Motor City didn't just swap fullbacks, Rivera gets an incredible opportunity at running back and is currently the lone back on the V8s roster, holding on to the starting job.

Impact Games: Canton @ Motor City (Week 11)

  • Las Vegas and Sioux Falls stars land big deals

DE Nick Fargo: $2.660 million

Old Team: SXF / New Team: DCD

Fargo was arguably the biggest name on the market looking for a new home. Not only does he find one in D.C., but he becomes the highest-paid defensive lineman in the league. Fargo was the Sioux Falls Sparrows, a team that often lacked a public identity. It'll be strange seeing him in new colors, but the whole league is just glad to see his career continue.

QB Eric Price: $2.011 million

Old Team: LVF / New Team: QCC

Eric Price has managed to survive free agency not once, but twice - something that is very difficult to do in the ultra-competitive SFL quarterback market. His new home is with Queen City, a team that also added Las Vegas Fury stars Anthony Wyo and Justin Reside. How the Corsairs put all the pieces together will be a fascinating storyline.

Impact Games: D.C. @ Queen City (Week 14)

  • Mexico City AND ATLANTA - The team of Hall-of-Famers

SS Max Jackson: $1.998 million

Old Team: LVF / New Team: MEX

When Jackson announced that Las Vegas would be folding, the early indications were that he wasn't done with his legendary career. Well, the Mexico City Aztecs won the sweepstakes and pair the 2023 Hall-of-Famer with 2022 Hall-of-Famer Jeffrey Daggs and 2019 Hall-of-Famer Ray Bentley. Combine those players with two Hall-of-Fame owners - Mike Daggs and Ramos Lynn and Mexico City can't afford to disappoint in Season 22.

CB Merrick Itera: $1.814 million

Old Team: LVF / New Team: MEX

Itera and Jackson are best of friends and one seemingly doesn't go without the other. The package deal lands south of the border and something tells us they'll fit in just fine. The Aztecs roster now has five players in its secondary getting paid $1.8 million or more.

HB Jason Williams: $2.100 million

Old Team: SXF / New Team: ATL

Here's the thing about Hall-of-Famers, - in this era of the SFL, everyone needs some help. Help has arrived in Atlanta for Hall-of-Famer BDG Hollewood in the form of former Sioux Falls back Jason Williams. With Hollewood, Hall-of-Fame candidate Williams and former Canton coach Chris Porter making it all happen, the Swarm could become the best one-two punch in the backfield this season. Hall-of-Famer Aquantis Shyne is also back out of retirement, which means that Atlanta has Shyne, BDG and Boo Chisholm all on the roster. 

Impact Games: Mexico City @ Atlanta (Week 9)

Other signings of note over $1.5 million in salary:

CB Andre Tucker: $1.681 million

Old Team: LVF / New Team: DEN

WR Doug Britton: $1.837 million

Old Team: LVF / New Team: SDM

WR Vin Calia: $1.579 million

Old Team: MIN / New Team: ACA

TE Talon Steele: $1.971 million

Old Team: JAX / New Team: ATL

WR Chris Curtis: $1.705 million

Old Team: VAN / New Team: CAR

FS Daniel Wright: $1.638 million

Old Team: MIN / New Team: FLA

FB Chris Comisac: $1.679 million

Old Team: MIN / New Team: FLA

CB Jermaine Menefield: $1.629 million

Old Team: MEX / New Team: IND

FS Monte Wyatt: $1.607 million

Old Team: CAR / New Team: LAL

FS Adrian Blane: $1.788 million

Old Team: FLA / New Team: MIN