Free Agency Frenzy: All the Pick Trades

by Cameron Irvine

The trades were abundant as free agents signed and team realities began to settle in more. So much so, they needed their own article to break things down. To catch up on the complete updated draft order, you can visit Tyler Falk's Off-Season Hub Document here.

  • Tulsa is trading out with Vancouver, handing off their 3rd (71st) and 4th (100th) picks this season to Vancouver, along with a 4th rounder in Season 22. In exchange, Tulsa will receive Vancouver's 2nd round selection next season.
  • The Desperados also shifted their first round selection this season (19th) to Los Angeles and exchange will receive a 2nd rounder this season from LA (31st) and the Lycans first round pick next season.

Tulsa currently has 21 players signed and has the 31st, 46th and 107th selections in the draft.

Alamo City is sending Seattle the 48th and 101st pick in this season's draft in exchange for Seattle's 60th and 87th pick plus their 2nd and 4th round picks in Season 22 - a hefty price to pay to move up 12 spots. 

Both teams have signed 23 players already, so it's simply further maneuvers. The Nemesis still have the No. 1 pick in the draft, acquired in a trade with Queen City earlier this off-season. 

  • Louisiana is on the move again, trading up to Indianapolis' 45th pick, sending the pick the Revs acquired from Arizona this season (53rd) to Indy. Also included in the deal are 2nd and 4th round selections from Louisiana next season. 

The 53rd pick has now been traded three times in just a little over a week, originating in Houston before going to Arizona, then to Louisiana and now to the Ramblers.

Where does Louisiana stand after all their draft pick trades? Well, Louisiana has 24 players rostered and now possesses the 5th, 30th, 41st and 45th selections, but has no draft capital remaining for Season 22. The Revolution are clearly in win - and build - now mode.

  • Jacksonville is sending moving-up Fort Worth its 16th pick (from San Diego) and 83rd selection this season in exchange for Fort Worth's first rounder in Season 21 (24th) and the Toros first and third-round selections next season.

Alamo City, Baltimore, Canton, Charleston, Los Angeles, Louisiana, Motor City, San Diego and Seattle have all reached the 23 player minimum threshold, allowing draft picks to not count against their Season 21 salary cap. Amazingly, seven of these nine teams failed to qualify for the playoffs, proving that culture is not built just with winning but with a strong front office, teamwork, team bonding and vision.