Commish's Dev Blog #1: Building the future

by Cameron Irvine

I've been wanting to do something like this for a while. What is it like in the off-season for the league leader? Well, this off-season is different than all the others. My job: Steer the cruise ship while building an enhanced version of the same ship at the same time. Why? The move to 4K23 of course. If you don't know about it, more info can be found here.

Our journey, while it may feel like to some that it is just beginning, is nearly complete. Back in August 2022 we began to explore the possibilities. Every major decision is met with resistance, lack of faith, fear of the unknown and judgement. It is also met with optimism, enthusiasm and child-like wonder at all the things that can be accomplished. I believe life is about choosing which will consume you and following down the path that brings fulfillment.

So here we are now, and here's just one part of what I'm working on every day:


Almost all of our stadiums are complete. Now, there's fan textures, sidelines - all sorts of stuff that goes into broadcast presentation in a stadium, but the stadium's themselves need to be completed too. As the structures that will welcome in SFL brands, legacies and new partnerships, they are vital to setting the stage of our great future.

This is what it's all about. What Mexico City has done to celebrate the life and legacy of Matt Willson and embrace the culture of their team and team owner Ramos Lynn is everything the SFL wants to be. Having Matt Willson be in the stadium to watch every Aztec game for as long as they are competing feels like a dream. Mexico City's architecture and surrounding city elements makes you feel like you really have stepped foot into a stadium in Mexico. This is an example of what a team can accomplish all on their own, molding their experience into a celebration of everything their team has been and will be.

JacksonvilleĀ - a totally different vibe. A menacing dome that can truly feel like The Lions Den. A different style of art that features the Lions roar decked out in Purple and Golden Yellow, the stadium embraces Duval and the 904. This stadium, done by me off air, will help Jacksonville get to the next step of the franchise's journey. Despite working in this stadium previously, it wasn't until after the completion of the stadium that I realized a different team also shares this stadium's bones. With all of the different customizations that are available to teams, it's almost impossible to tell the few times any team does overlap.

Motor City - now here's a team embracing it's color palate. The double blue, deep grays with splashes of orange finally gives this team the full ability to embrace its fun rebrand that features Denver the service dog. These stadiums also allow teams to fully embrace opportunities with brand partnerships and Bank Michigan's investment in the team can help both thrive while being heavily featured around the stadium - the V8s did a great job! Stadiums don't have to be over-the-top to look amazing. Colors and branding go along way into making the most of the opportunity.

There's more to be seen with stadiums. Live streams building Portland, Las Vegas and Fort Worth showcase these works of art in real time on our YouTube channel. You can see more screenshots we've recently taken around the league here.

So what else am I working on?

  • We have completed signing testing on the portal under the new contract system, making re-signings, free agent signings and position change signings - over 100 of them tested with success. We are now in the process of testing the new progression system, which averages out those rankings to provide a cost per +1 increase, by attribute, by position. We will have an off-season schedule due out very soon, once all updates have been successfully pushed through our portal and teams can begin creating contracts. We are on the cusp and are just days away.
  • Our Season 21 Schedule is complete. Sunday May 28 will be Schedule Release Day and I will be on with Mike St. Green to break down the Season 21 slate.
  • All teams are waiting on the finalization of the draft process, generic player ratings - all sorts of stuff. Just stay patient. Work on what you can control - we will get there. Play the game on your Retroid, check out some sims and playbooks, build your stadiums, create your uniforms - make something of this time. Players, we're building an unforgettable experience. It's going to be so special watching you all individualize yourself through this journey and sign your unique contracts. I couldn't be more excited about Season 21's Kickoff in Cincinnati.

Until next time, I've got another stadium to help construct. I'll be back with more updates.