2024 Hall-of-Fame: Vancouver gets long-awaited moment

by Cameron Irvine

The Simulation Football League is proud to announce the 2024 Hall-of-Fame class to be enshrined at the 2024 Convention, a tradition that began back at the league's first Convention in Dallas in the summer of 2018. Only 41 previous people and six legacy non-user players have been inducted in the 23-season history of the league and now we've got our next seven. To view past Hall-of-Famers, click here.

The 2024 Hall-of-Fame class:

Vancouver Legion Owner Andy Hamilton

From the moment Hamilton stepped into the SFL he made a difference. He first was a coach on a Carolina Skyhawks team that was cobbled together just before the start of Season 6. He helped rescue a Los Angeles Sharks franchise after the owner was forcibly removed for conduct in Season 8, guided the team on and off the field to the finish line, helping to secure his own franchise in Season 9. He was play-by-play on his first game January 16, 2017 (Season 8) - a Carolina Skyhawks game - the first time anyone other than Cameron Irvine called a SFL competition, starting the community broadcast trend. He was the first to introduce a stats sheet for broadcasters, before it evolved into the immense organizational marvel it and the team is today. In 14 seasons, Vancouver boasts a record of 107-80 - the 5th best all-time win % - and nine playoff wins (also 5th most all-time). He formerly guided the SFL's social media presence, helping to build a following across all platforms, landing his full-time job in college athletics along the way with the University of Florida.

Assistant Broadcast Director Chris Curtis

A former Vancouver wide receiver, Chris Curtis first goes into the Hall-of-Fame as a contributor, soon to be in also as a player. Curtis was among the group of Hamilton and Eric Vinson as the first of four to ever call SFL games and is now one of the leaders of a broadcast team that has eclipsed 30 different casters. Curtis is the primary contact for technical support, helping countless people behind the scenes with their own specific at-home troubleshooting needs for all different setups, vast and humble. If you've ever applied to be a broadcaster, Curtis has been there from the beginning, listening to your tryout and guiding people down the path to success. He's been there in the toughest times when the league has needed him the most. Similar to Killian on the field, Curtis' player is a 4X All-Star and just completed his 14th SFL season.

Vancouver Legion Wide Receiver Brett Killian

Commonly known as BK12, Killian has been a mainstay for the Vancouver Legion, playing all 14 seasons of his career in his home country of Canada, the only player the franchise has ever had to play in every season of the team's existence. A 4X All-Star, Killian has racked up 1,163 receptions, 16,516 receiving yards and 118 receiving touchdowns - all 2nd in SFL history trailing only Hall-of-Famer D.R. Sim. Killian, now also known for his height and real-life football prowess, helped usher in the inaugural SFL Flag Football game in style at the 2023 Convention and is a regular host on Eddie Gauge's Streets are Talking podcast that covers SFL news and topics.

Baltimore Vultures Kicker Shark Tarkington

No one has made or attempted more field goals in SFL history than Shark Tarkington. With 319 makes on 329 attempts, Tarkington has been a staple for the 5x champion Baltimore Vultures, playing all 12 seasons of his career with Baltimore. A 2X All-Star and Season 19 Special Teams Player of the Season award-winner, Tarkington has made 49 more field goals than now-retired Hall-of-Fame kicker Kole Varner. 

Charleston Predators Linebacker Jack Brown

No one has likely had a more underrated career than the Predators' Jack Brown. Just completing his 14th season, a 5X All-Star, Brown has 1,484 career tackles (5th all-time), 144 tackles for loss (14th all-time) and six forced fumbles (12th all-time). He won a Championship in Season 9 with Matt Willson and the Mexico City Aztecs and now is one of the owners of his own franchise, like Killian, in Charleston. Brown was at the inaugural SFL Convention, interviewing some key members of SFL history from the couch including Hall-of-Famers Colin Northrup, Demond Simien, Ron Cockren, Thomas Paterniti, Mike Daggs, Erik Barkley and the great, late Matt Willson.

Baltimore Vultures Free Safety Giovanni Bolt

An apex predator in the Baltimore secondary, no one seemed to be a menace to more opponents in his career than Giovanni Bolt. In his 13 SFL seasons, he's a 6X All-Star with 91 interceptions (4th all-time), 123 pass deflections (10th all-time) and 1,273 tackles (13th all-time). His famous moment came in the Season 15 Championship Game. Up 20-16 with 4:30 to play, Bolt returned a punt 87 yards for a touchdown helping to secure the Vultures first Championship. He's one of only 23 players to ever have a punt return touchdown in SFL history and his four career punt return TDs are tied for second all-time, trailing just Hall-of-Famer Gabriel Manning.

Sioux Falls SPARROWS Quarterback Julian Tyree

Tyree is the league's current all-time leading passer, finishing his career with 5,367 completions, 57,119 yards and 336 touchdowns. He led the Sparrows to two SFL Championship appearances, but was never able to win the crown. Tyree had longevity on his side, playing a whopping 16 SFL seasons, making two All-Star appearances. He was the owner player of Sioux Falls' Jacen McGee who led the Sparrows for eight years to a combined 115-96 record with nine playoff wins.

The finalists for user players who made the ballot were:

  • Vancouver WR Brett Killian
  • Carolina WR Chris Curtis
  • Charleston LB Jack Brown
  • Former Baltimore K Shark Tarkington
  • Baltimore RB Warren Murray
  • Florida CB Evan Carroll
  • Minnesota RB Colin Hart
  • Fort Worth DE Jeff Duffy
  • Canton FS Kanye Rockafella
  • Baltimore FS Giovanni Bolt
  • Former Sioux Falls QB Julian Tyree
  • Former Vancouver QB Tom Pepper

The finalists for league contributors who made the ballot were:

  • Assistant Director of Broadcasting Chris Curtis
  • Former Social Media Director and current Vancouver owner Andy Hamilton
  • Director of Statistics and current Vancouver owner Marc Lopez
  • SFL broadcaster - one of the original four - Eric Vinson
  • 2X SFL Champion owner and current Denver owner Jeremy Vega
  • 1X SFL Champion owner and current Atlanta owner Mark Chisholm